An Orientation of Normalcy?

Facebook Live, September 18, 2020


Judy discusses her upcoming October blog which talks about what is normal, specifically in terms of orientation and pedophilia.

The big trend word these days is ‘orientation’ and the media push is acceptance of these orientations as the ‘new normal’.  Per definition, normal is anything that is accepted within a large enough status quo that is made to appear usual, common, standard, average, natural, regular, or ordinary.  ‘Normal’ is about a standard set outside of ourselves.  What feels normal to one, would be very different for another. When a child is trafficked, ‘normal’ is nothing anyone would want to experience.  Normal is often correlated in beliefs about how to behave. And some behaviors are acceptable in societies that do harm.

Judy ends with a meditation that sends unconditional love to both those who are and who were victimized by pedophilia, and those who acted it out on others. Knowing that Unconditional love expands a paradigm shift beyond our mental limitations, in knowing that we have all acted in roles that might have harmed ourselves and harmed others, we all deserve to be awaken to our true natures and remember who we really are…pedophiles included.

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