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Our mission, as a peacekeeping, non-profit business collaboration, is to facilitate the shifting of the collective trauma paradigm to a world where humanity heals, evolves, unifies and thrives. We work with clients and Thetahealers® worldwide.

The Moving Beyond Trauma Project™ is a non-profit organization formed to facilitate and support the healing of those who have unresolved childhood abuse issues and those who want to help them. We do this through the awareness and principles of the ThetaHealing®Technique.

  • An awareness of childhood abuse from a non-dualistic perspective
  • The availability to shift consciousness from victim to thriver in connection with All-That-Is
  • Somatic and abuse healing education and application
  • Development of emotionally and spiritually intelligent communication skills that empower each person
  • Caring and innovative relational skill building facilitation
  • Private and group facilitation to create more safety
  • Support systems and resources to keep people connected
  • Workshops or practicums in Trauma Healing through the principles of ThetaHealing®Technique

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