Outer Limits In The Body by Judy Dragon



It was a big trip to do alone for 17 hours. I planned to split the drive time and stay overnight along the way.

I lifted my ice chest full of food as the last load to go into the car when my left side of my back across from the bottom of my scapula and near my kidneys went into total spasm. I could hardly breathe I was in so much pain. My brain was yelling, “How in the hell am I going to get out of California feeling like this?!”

I sat down, did some Jin Shin Jyutsu (holding energy flow points) on myself. ThetaHealers® didn’t do the 7th Plane meditation in those days. We were told to imagine connecting at 67 feet, like a telephone pole or tower. I asked to talk to my deceased mother’s spirit, my guides and angels to help me. I heard I would make it but take it slow.

I cried through California and into Nevada while listening to my mother’s soothing words as I attempted to ‘ride with the pain’. It started to lessen sometime around 6:30 PM, after 7 hours of driving.

I had seen a sign for a town where I could get a room at a motel, but I forgot its name as I continued down the highway in pain. I decided to get off I-80 before it got dark though.

At about 8 pm, I saw a sign for another motel at the next exit and headed for it.  The energy of the town was off, but so was my back. I needed a bath to relax the fragile muscles that could spasm at any moment again.


The accommodating couple who ran the front desk at the motel asked if I needed help bringing anything into my room as I explained about my back. I thanked them and said I’d manage. I was able to just get a small backpack of overnight clothes and my food without a major incident though I was super careful.

I sat for awhile, stretched out, turned on the TV for about 1/2 hour and meditated for another 1/2 hour. After my long bath, I laid down to rest and do more Jin Shin on myself.

Car Alarm
As I was drifting off to sleep, my car alarm went off. It had to be around midnight.

I was startled. I groped for my keys thinking they were on the side table next to the bed to press off the alarm. I couldn’t find them right away.

Half in a groggy daze, I got out of bed, searched on the dresser and finally found it in my purse as the alarm kept going. As I walked to the window pressing the key to deactivate the alarm, it turned off before I even reached the window. I’m thinking how bizarre that was!

I went back to bed, got comfortable with my back still fragile, the keys on the table next to me, and started to drift off. The alarm activated again. I was thinking that this is a low mileage, basically new car, and this shouldn’t be happening.

I grabbed the keys on the side table, walked to the window, pulled the blinds to the side to turn off the alarm. I was hoping this wasn’t waking up the whole place. I felt very annoyed.

I went back to bed for the third time, and within two minutes, the alarm goes off again.  I was glad that I didn’t make myself comfortable and still had the keys in my hand ready to deactivate.

I rushed over to the window. Looking out carefully this time, thinking someone was messing with my car, I saw a red beam coming from across the street from another motel that was aimed at my car. It stopped and so did my car sound.

I was freaked out not knowing what it was and why it was directed at my car. And I was exhausted with my back sore. I opted to go back to bed falling asleep without another round of the alarm sounding.

Check out
I woke up with the sun coming through the blinds. I had no idea what time it was, but I was ready to check out, get away from this weird energy, and head onto the highway. It would be another long day driving.

As I put the cooler and backpack into the car, my back spasmed again. I had no idea how I was going to make it from this town into Utah and Idaho. I breathed deeply, asked for lots of inner help while on the verge of tears again.

I went to the front desk to pay and check out. One of the owners came out looking very exhausted. I was thinking that he must have been up late with my alarm going off.

He tells me it’s 6:30 am, and he’s wondering why I was up so early. Since I had no idea what the time was with no watch, I was surprised also. But I wanted to check out.

I asked him if my alarm had woken him or his wife up. He looked puzzled. “What alarm was that?”

I told him my car alarm went off three times, and I was so sorry if it woke him or anyone else. He looked even more puzzled.

He said that he and his wife were up to 2 AM and neither heard any alarms. I asked him if he was sure. He was.

I’m thinking that this isn’t possible, or I entered the Twilight Zone. I told him about the strange red beam I saw from the motel across the street that set off the car alarm. He insisted there was no sound whatsoever.

I knew that I needed to just pay the bill and leave that town. He asked how my back was. “It spasmed again but I’ll make it somehow to my destination.”

He asked if I needed help. I didn’t because I had packed the car just as my back went out again.

Idaho Falls
Stopping for gas once while hardly able to lift the nozzle to put it into the tank, it took me about nine hours to get to the motel in Idaho Falls I was to stay with several other women taking the workshop. One of them helped me into the motel along with the owner. I was grateful for the support and kindness.

My roommate even prepared some of the dinner I brought for myself. She helped me the next morning to class as I was still in pain.

The morning started with the topic of parasites or parasitical energies. The first thing Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing® Technique , said to the class was to get in pairs to scan inside the body. She then told my roommate to check my back.

There were three implants on the right side…alien ones. She was told to command them to be gone. Within seconds, the pain eased, and the muscles started to relax. What was strange was the spasming had been on the left side so I assumed that it pulled on my spine.

The soreness took about two more days to go away, but I could carry things again. I was so grateful to know what they were and to get rid of them.

I wondered how those implants got into my back in the first place. It wasn’t from being in that town, because the pain started in California.

Vianna had suggested that I never travel through Nevada again. She showed me a way back through Idaho, Oregon and into California. It was an absolutely beautiful route.

It turns out that Nevada has so many alien and military installations that it was best not to ‘lie on a railroad track’ asking to be hit. It was probably what occurred with my car in the strange energy of Elko and the red beam.

I did eventually discover why and how the implants came into me through deep memory work after the workshop was over and when I was back in California. That’s a story I’m not furthering in this blog nor publicly. My life has been the “Outer Limits” since conception, and some things need to be fictionalized to make it palatable.

Removal of Implants
Just so you know, it’s easy to witness the removal of alien implants. In remembering your connection to the 7th Plane using the ThetaHealing meditation, gently remote sense into the body, locate the (non-medical) implant/s, and command them to change.  Remember, we are not wanting hip or knee replacement implants to change.

Oftentimes, there is more than one implant. You’ll witness an energy popping and the implant/s disappearing.  At least that has been my experience over the years.

And you do not need permission to witness the change in the client. They are not supposed to be there and are against free will.

I remember years ago that I had client whose neck was really sore. I was actually doing Jin Shin Jyutsu on her when I noticed she had an implant in her neck. I commanded it to change. She immediately felt a release. I didn’t tell her what I did but she knew. She nonchalantly said, “Oh, did you just get rid of an implant?”

To say the least, I was surprised. We never had a conversation about these things existing.

Nothing greater than Creator
Keep in mind that there is nothing greater than Creator particularly when we use our focused thought to co-create change in the highest and best way. There is no evil that can’t change through Unconditional Love.

This is why the world is going through the massive de-structuring in being awoken to the real planetary truths. Implants are just a small part of understanding trauma, evil, and mind control that is being exposed at this time. It’s a wild time to have chosen to help make a difference.

So grateful to be here to witness the changes,

Helpful general Creator’s teachings you can download. Read, connect with All that IS at the 7th Plane, and say ‘yes’.

I know Creator’s perspective and definition, what it feels like, how, when, that it’s possible, that I’m worthy, deserving and good enough, that I’m safe, that I can, I do (or I am/am able):

  • experience Creator being in the mystery
  • to be open to deeper understandings of life’s mysteries
  • to witness change of any form through All that IS in highest and best way



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