Underneath the Surface by Judy Dragon


Going on Underneath
I think that most of us know that what appears on the surface isn’t what is really going on underneath. At least I have hope that people can feel the inconsistencies and deceptions. Anyone who has done belief work or has done reflective inner work has experienced the unwinding into deeper levels of understandings.


underneath the surface


What is happening in the world has been broadcast in the most intense fear mongering and censoring ways. To follow all the outer clues of what is happening in this world game show, takes a great deal of time, discernment, synchronicities, and a depth of awareness. It definitely, though, can connect historical events which ultimately affect us in the present.

Sometimes this process can feel like a waste of energy. Vianna, the founder of ThetaHealing® Technique, has said that some details are like ‘mind candy’ because they take us away from focusing on our responsibilities and mission.

I’ve found that it takes discernment, trust, balance and openness. I would never be where I am if I hadn’t followed certain rabbit holes. Deciding to sit with the information with Creator and feeling into it can be both important in order to feel empowered and awake, or to let go into what one feels will work out for the highest and best ultimately anyways.

In my heart
With so many going through social, physical, emotional and financial instabilities, it’s close to difficult to write what is in my heart right now. I don’t want to be interpreted as uncaring, pollyannish, in denial or any other names that seem to be projected at this time in all that is being censored.

But then I can’t stop others’ interpretations of my somatic emotional awareness. That would show I want to control others’ experience of my reality. That’s codependency… plus! So, everyone gets to feel whatever resonates in their experience as they read this. I just invite everyone to be open.

So here it goes.

I have been feeling so much joy like I never experienced in my entire life…not even when I first got married, first had a child, had a book published or more. This joy feels permanent. It’s like no matter what happens in the world, it flows as a part of me. I can have other conflicting feelings, but the joy is still there. I know I won’t be punished due to having joy or feeling happy like when I was a kid. Even if I have rough challenges, this joy is not going to go away.

It came, in part, due to a person sharing her truth on a video. These truth ‘bombs’ resonated deeply in my soul. It brought me more than ‘hope’. It brought me to a landing place for what I had dreamed about as being possible on the planet. It offered me a way to tap into my truths being reflected back in strength and courage. It showed me that I could use my abilities I had as a child again without fear that I would be abused.  It validated that a New Earth is arising, and I chose this time to be part of it.

Be open
Back this past August during the fires when I was feeling very confused and information was coming faster than I could digest it, I was turned onto a woman from Australia who is a remote viewer. Just to say that Creator’s  Divine synchronicities work by sending the right people into our lives if we are willing to be discerning and open in hearing them.

And I’m super selective with who resonates with me. I have to see emotional and trauma intelligence, groundedness, self confidence, truth sharers who buck the system, spiritual principles that are 7th Plane directed and who even mention this rather than just guides or angels. I want to hear direct Source-guided experiences.

JC Kay had been holding onto psychic (remote) viewing information that she could no longer keep back. There were certain experiences that showed her she had to bring her truths to the world even though her family and some friends felt that she was making things up or that it was too unbelievable. Some even stopped talking to her.

Already that intrigued me because that was part of my experience–that very few believed me and hardly any among my family. That never stopped me from discovering my real history and truths though. For me, it’s like who wants to make up this kind of horror unless you’re Stephen King, and then I wonder what happened to him.

If you ever thought Pizzagate wasn’t true, this awakening information from JC will be difficult. It’s way larger now then what it was years ago when I was a kid. I literally cried with relief after the first video that someone who these things might not have happened to, was validating what I knew to be true.

JC shared about cloning, doubles of famous people who the mainstream were showing as alive and doing well, but who were really arrested or dead. She included which people the public thought were dead, but who were actually alive. She did not listen to others discussing this prior, but experienced this understanding through her Divine connection to Source-of-All.

JC eventually exposed more, especially leading up to the election time in discussing how and which politicians and leaders were being arrested or sent to be killed for their crimes against children and humanity. One video she did was all in code as she felt YouTube would take her down. A group of us figured it out.

She shared about fear factors being publicized that weren’t true at all in order for the Dark energies to feed off the fear created. I mentioned ‘loosh’ back in June on a FB live. That was also her word for the collective fear energy that the Dark feed off of.

Spirit Uncle
There was a special story about an aboriginal Spirit ‘Uncle’ who appeared to JC  in order to show her what was happening under Uluru and the almost defunded military base in Australia, Pine Gap. Thousands of the children, the ‘stolen generation,’ were taken from their aboriginal homes from the early 1900’s to the 70’s but even in more recent times, many being sent to these underground areas.

The Uncle Spirit told her that this will be the end period for this kind of trauma in being cleared out. JC’s experience of the Spirit Uncle and what he showed her was validated by aboriginal elders. The extremely difficult descriptions of what she witnessed brought tears to both of us.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc1i_vwgCoQ

I knew JC was taking a big risk in all that she was sharing. Intel had contacted her, and her personal FB page was taken down twice though her group is still up.

In all that occurred for me in being trafficked, I knew no one could describe what she saw in the way she did unless they actually witnessed it. She shared it from a perspective of what she witnessed in the present through what she called ‘the Looking Glass technology’. I knew she was telling the truth.

My abilities
I was so inspired by what I was watching that I started to use one of my abilities that I had as a child in a new way. This time through All-That-Is, I remote viewed under a specific area a few miles from where I live. This was right during the second wave of fires in my area.

What I viewed was validated the next day as I didn’t know my area had tunnels nor what was happening in them. I was astonished and excited in what I saw. I then did another viewing with a dear friend who also has these abilities. We ‘went into’ a very famous location near us that is known for its nefarious activities. Again, I was validated. So I know that what appears on the surface is not what is going on underneath.

New Financial System
JC spoke about who would win the election and what would occur leading up to the truth of the results. Her message was and is really about the change of tides, the new technologies to help humanity like the med beds (article in the newsletter), a wonderful new Financial System similar to what was called the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA), and in trusting the process by staying in alignment with Source as the New Earth is arising.

Back in 1999, I was sent emails with information about NESARA and the dinar programs from some woman I never even knew. I think it was an act of God. I discovered some of the most amazing history about finances. The Act was actually passed by the US Congress in 2000 and never proclaimed for many reasons. Consider doing a duckduckgo search.

I asked Vianna and another psychic a year later if they knew about NESARA. Both said that if it’s to happen, it would be 2021. This new system is not about the Dark’s agenda of ‘The Great Reset’ but based in human sovereignty and financial equality principles. And now it’s  around the corner.

Understanding Trump
After the beginning of the 2020, I asked Creator about understanding Trump, and heard he was here to help humanity but had his own interests as well. I should have questioned that further in what his own interests meant, and in what ways he was here, but I didn’t. I just let it go figuring more information would clarify it.

I was never into endorsing either of the candidates because of their sexual predatory behavior and more. I actually wasn’t going to vote nor was I into ‘Q’. That was total mind candy to me.

In July, with prompting of some close FB friends and clients to listen to Trump differently, I also discovered an article that had me thinking twice about who he really was. I ask again for you to be open. Life isn’t what we think underneath the surface.

I know that many past Presidents were child abusers who the masses think were wonderful. Some of these men were definitely here to help humanity, and some were not in any virtuous way but through massive deception and corruption. So I’ve learned to look at the whole picture including another’s purpose, not just their publicly known or unknown ways. This also took a great deal of discernment and forgiveness towards them.

Baron Trump
In 1893, Ingersoll Lockwood was an American author and lawyer who published his first book titled, “The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger”. This book was then followed up with, “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey”.  Lockwood’s last book was published in 1896 and titled, “1900: or, The Last President” which can all be found online. Newsweek even has an old article about these books, and a movie was going to be made about it.

The little boy in the book looked like Baron Trump, was born to a wealthy family, and lived on  5th Ave. in New York City called Trump Castle. The books were a series of  wild adventures where a mystical man named Don Fum helps Baron and his dog find the portal to his ‘World within a World’. Interestingly, the end adventure led them to Russia. Keep in mind that this was over 120 years ago.

Physicist John Trump
I then discovered that Trump’s uncle, Physicist John Trump, worked 40 years at MIT on electron acceleration, high voltage phenomena, and the interaction of radiation with living and non-living matter. When Tesla died in 1943, the FBI asked Professor Trump to examine Tesla’s papers and equipment.

I am very aware that time travel exists. Vianna has actually said that some people here at this time are their future selves. They are here to make a difference and change the play. I know that the governments of the world have been using different technologies that have been hidden from public awareness through Black budget operations since at least the 50’s. Again, feel free to research this, but here is one link. https://intothelight.news/files/2019-04-12-holographic-medical-pods.php 

There are clues in Trump’s speeches which have shown me that there is something more going on, like an intel game being played out. I am very familiar with this kind of energetic structure. Things are not how they appear at all with him or his staff. I then find out from friends that this is what “Q” writes about–the deciphering of this coded language to bypass censored media. It’s their own media.

Again, I can understand that some people’s behavior are not their deeper calling beyond personal power and corruption. Through the games of dualism, we have learned some amazing virtues in clearing the service. I’m not denying anyone’s actions but living from a reality that what we see on the surface is not what is happening underneath in all that is unraveling. For me, this is important to keep as a focus.

And if in researching, feeling into, and listening to JC, which helped me to experience this deep joy, then who am I to say that what is happening was not destined to help humanity and myself shift to a new evolutionary point? It is the entrance to the age of Aquarius, and I’m feeling it!

Vantage Position
For me, it’s like being in the eye of the storm with a vantage position of seeing all round me, but feeling calm, safe and joyful while a storm is occurring. I can totally sit with all this outer drama and watch the world game show roll out knowing that what is below the surface is what I’ve been waiting for. As many of my friends say, “Pass the popcorn.”

To help bypass the broadcasted fearful outcomes from the mainstream and alternative news, place your hand on your heart, remember why you’re here at this time and how far you’ve traveled in your life. Let yourself stay more focused on your purpose, catch the wave of joy to embrace this new Light that is fast streaming and approaching.

Know that many across the world are feeling the shift happening.

Welcome the changes through Unconditional love allowing for this experience to lead us forward.

With joy and excitement!

Helpful general Creator’s teachings/downloads
I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it’s possible, that I’m safe, that I’m worthy, deserving and good enough, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to):

  • To discern what is under the surface
  • To be open to what is under the surface
  • To experience joy even when challenges are present
  • To land into your dreams and desires in the highest and best ways
  • For timelines to change in the highest and best ways
  • To be open to new information with discernment through Creator
  • To feel validated in truth
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