Trust The Synchronicities

Quote for reflection: “Synchronicity holds the promise that if we will change within, the patterns in our outer life will change also.” ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

For those who have been sexually abused or even have more extreme trauma, believing our own inner stories can be a real process. I have learned to trust myself through the years in very deep ways.

I was recently sharing with a newer friend that my once implicit (repressed) memories have been validated over the years in so many amazing and very synchronistic ways. It’s like I couldn’t disbelieve them if I tried. I feel that my divine support team, Creator-of-All, and the computer have been my most connected allies in this healing journey.

I’ve learned to trust my body also which is an excellent validation to support the synchronicities. Occasionally there is human intervention where those involved hadn’t a clue that they were entering my weird inner realm that simultaneously responds in the ‘outer limits’.

Did you know that the 15th century old English definition for ‘weird’ meant ‘having power to control fate’? And isn’t it interesting that ‘Fate’s’ origin comes from the same time period meaning ‘one’s predetermined destiny or course of life; and one’s guiding spirit’? So welcome to my ability to have the power to control my predetermined destiny.

And how does one have that ‘weird’ capacity? For me, number one is trust that whatever is going to occur, I am where I am to be with Creator. There is no mystery that I will be somehow abandoned to figure it out on my own.

Second, my reaction or action to what is destined is working with my power to control or regulate my own mind and emotions. So it’s my responsibility to pay attention.

Third is to be awake’ enough to notice how the outer world rearranges itself according to my thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs. I’m part of the group projections of what was, is and will be also. My inner experiences and memories assist to formulate this planetary consciousness. It all becomes a focused ‘connecting-the-dots’ tracking to ‘witness’ the unfolding of  synchronicities.

The Universe is so open to showing us how we create in our lives in synch (or off center) with the divine flow.  These are the synchronicities that occur for all of us.

There’s a funny title that my friends use to call me years ago. I was known as the Synchronicity Queen because I use to have a weird story every time we gathered about how the inner and outer met in my life. Those kinds of synchronicities were somatically and emotionally difficult then, but validating none-the-less.

Though I’m unable to share the following stories in full detail due to being discreet these days, I want to give you a taste of my ‘weird’ inner to outer synchronistic memories and experiences.

I mentioned that my computer is my source of synchronicities. One important incident occurred over 20 years ago. I had a very strange memory of being a first grader and being taken to a huge computer data center. In those days, computers took up an entire room or building.

The scene that arose from the unconscious was very difficult and unbelievable to me. I kept saying to myself that I must have made it up. Nothing like this could be possible.

The very next day, I received an email from former astronaut, Gordon Cooper.  It was probably a mass email promotion to mention about his new book that was coming out, ‘Leap of Faith’. In that email was the exact story that I remembered happening to me in what he had witnessed at a computer center. I knew it was divinely sent to remind me to trust myself, and that it was all true.

Ceiling light
Two friends were visiting from out of state about 15 years ago. We were all around my circular kitchen table when the hanging ceiling light started to shake above us. We all looked up thinking that an earthquake was about to happen. It then just suddenly stopped.

For a moment, the couple looked away from me towards the outside sliding glass door next to them. I didn’t think anything of it. They then looked at each other with a confused expression. Neither said anything to the other. We all agreed that the light shaking was strange as we continued our conversation.

A few years later, one of the two friends that had been at my house that day, asked me if I remembered the time at the table and what happened. I said, “Yea, I remember the weird shaking of the ceiling light fixture.”

The person asked if I noticed that they had looked outside. I remembered only that it was quick. In where I sat, I couldn’t see outside due to the glare, and we continued on with the conversation.

The friend paused not knowing just how to explain the next sentences to be said. “There was a child standing on your steps outside the sliding glass door that day. She was about 7 years old. We had both thought she looked familiar as she stood there just staring forward through the glass. It was you!”

Now for most people, that would have shocked them to think that a person they knew had a ‘live inner child’ showing up in broad daylight while having its adult counterpart three feet away. For me, I was shocked that someone actually saw a part of my weird life that I was aware of.

I knew this 7 year old aspect. She was not from the present. I would often feel her in my bedroom at night as if someone was looking at me. But I had no idea that two people would ever be witness to my weird experiences..

I’m grateful that I have since worked through these kinds of multi-dimensional  time-collapsing memories. That little girl is safe, and her moments in time had been processed. She has no need to contact me in the present anymore as she is well integrated within. .

Divinely guided
My newer friend and I continued our conversation as I shared about some of my wild synchronicities. I was explaining how my life is so divinely guided through some very reality-shifting experiences.

We were also discussing about the fate of the world. I have felt very optimistic for a year no matter what others herald as truth or conversed in fear about the worse case scenarios.

It was then that my friend noticed a hawk in her yard perched on a bare branch about 75 yards away.  She said that it was a rare sighting in her area…the desert. “This is very special and magical.” She pointed it out as the hawk was hard to see on zoom at first.

Then the hawk started talking up a storm, communicating very intently. This was  uncommon behavior. I asked her what she thought it meant. She paused for a moment and was about to respond when the hawk launched off the branch, flew full speed towards her sliding glass doors almost hitting that side of her house, and then disappeared over her roof.

We both sat there stunned. We thought it was going to crash into the glass doors.

My friend kept repeating, “This doesn’t happen. It’s something special.” I asked her what does the significance of this hawk event mean.

She said it’s magical. Hawks know the higher picture.

“Yes,” I added.  “It’s like the hawk energy understands the overview. Perhaps it was what I was sharing about the new changes to happen.” We both knew that this was a super-charged moment we were sharing together.

I later researched what the hawk also represents. Hawk energy has the power to have clear, discerning and deeper spiritual vision.  This vision is not only the overview but can be very focused. This enhances the ability to see the future as well as have long distance memory. This resonated for me.

All hawks share the ability to gracefully move between the seen and unseen realms. They can join both worlds together as their keen vision and discerning nature help to keep them out of danger’s way.

With the hawk’s loud communication. I sensed that this regal bird wanted to respond to the conversation on the fate of the world.  With her flight pattern, it seems that the overview will be experienced as chaos almost hitting a ‘window’ with great speed, but then it will shift lifting to higher levels.  Wow! We are in such powerful times! What a profound, and synchronistic message!

Message of the hawk
As the world shifts through the chaos, remember the message and the magic of the hawk in going through this great transformation.  Observe and pay attention to what is sent to guide you through All-That-IS, and the synchronicities to help  embody clear  wisdom  and truth.  With this ability to witness through the spiritual ‘heights’ comes the deep trust within. It’s what is necessary to bring in the New Earth.

With great respect for the divine synchronicities of life,

Helpful general Creator’s teachings/downloads you can download. Read, connect with All that IS at the 7th Plane, and say ‘yes’ if you’d like the following.

I know Creator’s perspective and definition, what it feels like, how, when, that it’s possible, I’m safe, that I can, I do (or I am/am able):

  • Witness the world rearrange itself with trust
  • Being in synch with Universal change
  • Problem solve with wisdom and intelligence
  • Be in sync with solutions
  • Acknowledge and appreciate great synchronicities
  • To connect the dots through inner wisdom
  • To live without chaos to transform
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