The Questions …Compassion for Sex Traffickers? Part 3

Title: The Questions …Compassion for Sex Traffickers? Part 3

Quote for Reflection: Feeling compassion or forgiveness doesn’t mean the traffickers and abusers can stay in society in the ways they act out. ~Judy

STOP  and say ‘NO MORE’

The group that brought forth the questions (from part 1), might have considered at what point do we say STOP and say ‘NO MORE’ to the cycles of abuse and trauma in how they play out. Do we actually recognize these acts? Many don’t as they have not done their own inner work and think that’s how everyone else was raised. We see this in adults discussing verbal abuse and spanking.

In order to become more aware planetarily, we need to go through our own individual, genetic, and collective healing within. It’s essential that we find those places within that are misaligned and need attention to support making the inner changes that can drastically affect the outer. This will help to clear the energetic projections and dissonance and also bring forth our virtues into action.

Horror schlock

Did you ever see the ’59 horror classic, ‘The Tingler’ with Vincent Price? As a kid, I was a horror schlock in what I watched on TV.  I was attempting to wake myself up to the real horrors, to know they were true. I even wrote in my diaries in elementary school about all the scary movies that I watched on TV.

Unless you’re around my age or like horror, this movie will not be on your viewing list. The reason I even bring it up is that it’s about a creature that feeds off the fear in people’s spines. If a person is kind, loving, and caring, the creature falls off to die.

Interestingly, this is how it similarly works when we keep these heavy feelings of resentment, hatred, revenge, and fear running into others. The heavy feelings within serves us until they don’t. It’s a process of awareness, releasing and awakening to a new way.

I still look at areas of my life where revenge energy within or projecting outside might sneak in or be unconscious on subtle levels. I don’t know what I don’t know until it’s awakened, acknowledged and explored. But when I bring in Love (with forgiveness), it disengages.

At an unconscious level, I feel that the movie was reminding me of a way out of the horror at the time as well…that LOVE is the way out.

Peace of Mind

Forgiving isn’t about the other person’s peace of mind. It’s about mine! It’s about my energy that I unconsciously put into those who abused me. Sometimes it was to keep distance by creating a boundary. Other times, it was a way to somehow think I could wake them up to their horrific acts of inhumanity and degradation.

In truth, why would I want any part of myself, my energetic power cords feeding into their body, energy, and the ways they dehumanize and abuse?  

That is what I actually witnessed intuitively, and I didn’t want any attachment to them.

When I trigger, I can acknowledge what I’m experiencing or feeling, and where it originally comes from. I can then return those energy cords, release whomever hurt me from what I’m learning from the situation, and realign the virtues through All-That-IS.

I learned not to cut the cords as they can grow back, but witness a release back to me washed, rinsed…cleaned through All-That-IS in order to reclaim my energy and true power. We can call forgiving, releasing the other (letting go of) from what they are teaching us at some level. It’s such a high-vibrational word, act, and the greatest protection. 

Then I’m able to feel the somatic, emotional and spiritual shifts. That is my empowerment! It’s my healing! This is the purity of ThetaHealing® Technique in what’s taught and how I’ve been supported to shift my reality.

Never being asked to forget

By the way, we are never being asked to forget what happened in order to let go and to forgive. Why would we want to? That’s denying the truth that brought us to the point of release.

I also do not need to allow any of the abusers back into my life in forgiving them. That would be a huge lack of discernment and common sense, particularly if they are still acting out their cruel and inhumane ways.

It has taken me, so far, 35 years to sort through the repressed and suppressed memories to piece together my real history. I own it now…not as an identity piece, but as my truth of what happened to me on this earthly plane. No one can take that away from me in whatever they say or do to the contrary.

Separation to heal their ‘woundedness’

Feeling compassion or forgiveness doesn’t mean the traffickers and abusers get to stay in society in the ways they acted out. There definitely needs a place of separation to heal their ‘woundedness’ and to remember what they participated in. Most of society will want death for them. This motivation is multi-leveled and is important to explore more deeply in how we want to continue into the future with this mind set.

Consider envisioning, though, what restorative justice and rehabilitation possibilities could be. These could include deep therapy and many forms of healing and healing technologies which could be integrated. Perhaps humanity isn’t ready for this now but will be in the future.

And it doesn’t mean that the perpetrators won’t create their own demise, their own suffering through their own misalignment within themselves as the energies they work with are so dense and heavy. Their beliefs create their reality as well. There are karmic repercussions and that is between them, those they hurt, and the Divine Love to work out.

There is deep appreciation in knowing that I don’t need or want to carry that kind of burden in deciding another’s fate. Otherwise, this is where revenge cycles could filter in when introspection and healing isn’t maintained.

Freewill and Choice

My healing has supported me in remembering that I have freewill and choice in the present. It’s my choice to still be able to share what happened to me when it feels appropriate, safe, timely, and authentic to me. I have a voice, and these blogs have been a way of expressing my voice as well as the podcasts. But how I share it, needs a great deal of discernment.

The beauty of the healing is I can make my choices based on being present in the present. That is such a big deal!

Since we are all the co-creators of our lives, we must be conscious of our choices. Let’s use them wisely and with heart-based care and discernment as our world is rapidly changing. It takes courage to stay with that without being righteous.

Non-dualistic perspective

There are many possibilities of healing abuse and the planetary trauma because there is intelligence, creativity, imagination, hope, insight, and the ever-flowing connection of the Divine. So to say the least, I developed my own integrating ways of healing that kept me feeling more in alignment with All-that-IS using the non-dualistic principles of ThetaHealing® Technique.

If we really want to truly understand this level of spirituality, consider reading or re-reading the Basic ThetaHealing® book, the Advanced book and The Planes of Existence. Then add in ‘Moving Beyond Revised’ to read the stories of how people’s trauma is transformed. The philosophy of the cosmology and cosmogony as told in the books are so beautiful and practical if it’s actually felt into, understood, and utilized.

Initial Questions

To sum up the initial questions from part 1 of this series:

  • Yes, we can have compassion towards those who are guilty of sex trafficking.
  • Yes, sex traffickers are worthy of experiencing compassion.
  • The right thing is what lies in our hearts in connection with All-that-IS.

Even though the world is probably in the biggest shift ever, the principles that I’ve shared stay the same:

  • There is but one energy of Unconditional Love that we are a part of, and we can create our reality from remembering our connection in each moment
  • There can be core alignment with our deepest Truth through Divine Source 
  • We can take action without revenge but with aligned, core Power through Creator
  • We can communicate from the heart but use our boundaries and discernment as well
  • Work with discerning the hierarchal (‘power-over’ or ‘power-under’) opinions from the highest Truth of what is the real earthly undercurrent  
  • The ability to separate our energy and highest Truth from group consciousness fears or projections 
  • We can stand in our conviction without overpowering others
  • We can remove ourselves from the drama and still participate to de-structure the hierarchal controls into new ways of being starting within

Decisive and discerning actions will move humanity to the next level when LOVE is acknowledged as the deepest inspiration. This is the time!

It’s going to take courage and strength of our Spirit and consciousness. It’s going to take expressing ourselves in ways we didn’t think we could. It’s going to take feeling powered and empowered from within and in alignment with All-That-IS/God of All. Can we do this? Can we change the illusion to support the future generations into true freedom? Can we have compassion for all in the roles that have been played to move humanity forward without allowing harm to come to us or others? Every one of us counts in this decision!

With deep care in participating in a new freedom of thought and action,


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