Leadership In Truth-Defying Times


Quote for Reflection: Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. ~ JFK 

What is true leadership?
Our world has had an eschewed version of what leadership has been for a long time. There are big differences between true leadership versus hierarchal ‘leadership’ which to me are rulers or dictators.

Hierarchal ‘leadership’ includes status and prestige positions with someone at the top rung of the ladder and someone at the bottom of the totem pole. These structures are often primed with discontent, lack of fairness, inequality, deception, resentments, the push to compromise oneself, and invalidation of who one really is in their gifts and abilities all due to a ranking system.

A ranking system is subjective to the whims of top hierarchal positions –higher/lower, paid more/paid less, power over/power under, more valued/less valued. It’s very ingrained in a competitive mindset of climbing to success through the failures or errors of others—what someone lacks is used against them to move ‘upward’ in a status position. There often lacks compassion, care, and recognizing the individual’s assets in what they can best do or have done, but rather what one can get out of another.

Its theme can rally around ‘do as I say, not as I do’. It’s been a predominant operational system since at least Atlantis. It is embedded in the ways that many family units have positioned themselves around raising children through dominating, authoritarian, and abusive ways.

True leadership is actually not hierarchal because there are team/s who work collaboratively together to support each other to be the best version of themselves. There are mutual goals that fill everyone with passion and motivation. There are shared values, and people bringing their authentic selves, talent and skills to the forefront.

Each role taken is to achieve the goals of the individual and organization, and is significant in itself. It supports the growth of each team member.

Each person is in a role that best utilizes their talents. There are rotations of those who want to help lead different organizational projects depending on what works best for those involved–a resourcing of skills, abilities and virtues that benefits the collaborations.

People tend to think that in an organization there is but one leader who stands out, which then is seen as the head. In truth, that is but one role that can occur because that person has the abilities and skills to present themselves publicly. Again, each role supports the organization’s growth.

Interestingly, in non-hierarchal organizations , each person actually leads and follows. Both of these ‘roles’ are essential to experience as part of the energy of movement interconnecting all the positions, collaborations, and goals. Consider that if we listen to All-that-IS and follow through in what we heard, we will be leading ourselves in a direction by following through in using our Divine inner direction and connection.

There are many organizations today that see these qualities of true leadership as important to refine as that aspect of spirituality is included and recognized as an energetic guidance. We are all evolving with true leadership in organizations being integrated.

I have participated in partner dance since I was a child. I was taught East Coast Swing/jitterbug and Cha Cha Cha by age 5. I learned standing on my father’s feet…literally.

When I was an adult, I took years of lessons with a world champion West Coast Swing dance instructor (California’s state dance that is now international). She was an incredible teacher with a spiritual outlook. She would break down every movement for interpretive use to play and practice as well as explaining the music, rhythm, beats, how to interpret them with a dance partner, and the social etiquette to move through those awkward moments.

Two of her gems of wisdom were about the roles of lead and follow in that dance. I related these positions to leadership and how relations work together.

The first gem was that in a dance relationship, a creative and caring leader allows for the follower to shine, to bring out her (or his) attributes to complement and interpret the dance and connection with the other, managing the slot space and protecting the follower. A creative and caring follower allows for the leader to open space to communicate a direction, stays in connection with the music, partner, and plays with the leader’s creative moves so that the dance can be interpreted and played with by both of them.

It’s a mutual, supportive connection. So in truth, both are leaders and followers of their platform of interpretations initiating new movement and waiting for signals from the other. Don’t you wish life was more intuitively, creatively, mutually, and tactilely experienced like this?

The second gem was that whomever was off rhythm and noticed first, adjusted and corrected tactfully. This could be as simple as holding a beat or speeding it up. It could also be by verbally expressing with care, “I noticed we are off beat,” and then supporting a lead movement to make the adjustment.  Notice that both are involved in the experience, and no one gets blamed.

Old hierarchal agenda crumbling
With the mainstream energy broadcasting cancel culture, deleting and censoring information, creating panic to feed the loosh (fear), children trafficked across borders, and held in cages, the lack of leadership doesn’t seem to exist. (though I know that things are being staged to awaken the masses). Yet, any expression that opposes this old hierarchal agenda is spewed as hateful, wrong, and intolerable.

The level of personal and cyber-bullying and attacks have surged reaching huge proportions. We are witnessing the crumbling of the old structures, like the very last vestiges of the fall of the Roman Empire.

Standing in her truth
One of my California friends is in the medical field, and shared a story that occurred for her in standing in her truth and her legal right not to wear a mask, something that people have been bullied for since last year. There are human health codes that show that forcing the use of medical devices, which a mask is, are unhealthy and illegal. [It has been discovered that the masks are made with micro-plastics and ethylene oxide, a toxic substance]

I applauded my friend’s bravery for taking a conscious stand, because this is partly what it’s going to take to change the mind control that has overtaken people’s thinking and relating. Already 18 states have opened up prior restrictions, and it’s not an issue.

My friend went to get an x-ray at a clinic near her location. She self volunteered to wear a mask to this establishment, but she did not put it over her nose. Breathing air is a necessary part of human physiology.

The X-ray tech told her to put her mask over her nose for everyone’s protection. In being demanded to obey, she took the entire mask off and sarcastically questioned, “Like this?” as she continued assuring the tech that she did not have ‘the virus’.

His posture became defiant, and he repeated his demand as he dug his heels in further. My friend let him know that if he was afraid of her, she could respect that. She told him to just give her the money back that she paid, and she’d leave. He then tried to explain that it was policy, to which she responded, “Not mine!”

She went to leave without the mask when a manager approached her, and asked if everything was alright while my friend responded, “If you call tyranny alright.

My friend explained that as a medical clinic, she holds them to a higher standard. “Masks are dangerous. This is not about health. It’s political, and it’s Bull Shit. I was willing to compromise for optic’s sake, but your x-ray tech pushed it.”

Slightly chuckling, she added, “I’m defending my need to breathe.”

Unbelievably, the manager started laughing with her and completely agreed. The X-ray tech then joined in, and he ultimately assured her that he didn’t think she had the virus after all. He just didn’t want to get in trouble.

My friend answered back, “Well, you did… with me.”

Leadership was demonstrated in such a direct way that it turned a corner for others to follow differently. And perhaps the people in that room witnessing the conversation realized that they didn’t have to be obedient to what stopped them from natural human physiological functions.

Someone I’ve known for over 10 yrs was cyber-attacked recently. She is well known in a spiritual movement that she has worked very hard to create where Source, truth, authenticity, care, healing and community are basic tenets of her organization.

When true leaders’ private life are broadcasted  with distortions and lies to stop the flow of truth, this can be transformed into strength, groundedness, inspiration, and wisdom. Her deep courage to not allow such an attack to smear her reputation or her mission showcased her leadership abilities. It was a true testament to living present with her mission, truth and healing.

She had the ability to take action and publicly respond to the attackers without mentioning who they were. She used her voice to turn the attacks into a profound message for her organization and the audience. This is what it will take in the Aquarian Age to share the ways of Divinity and empowerment.

Trauma Intelligence Tips
Since Trauma Intelligence can be used to regulate one’s responses to feeling attacked, and then how to take action from a centered place, here are some tips to support each of us whether we’re public about our life or not. Being aware and prepared to face life’s challenges is practical and wise.

Some Of The Feelings That Come Up After A Cyberattack Occur Are:
  1. Shock – the level of dissonance, dissociation, lies, distortions, resentments, and/or hatred that are projected in being public figure
  2. Fear arises of how many will believe the lies
  3. Fear of one’s own physical safety and of those who are close or connected to the person attacked
  4. The awareness of the autonomic nervous system responses– the fight, flight, freeze or fawn that can occur
What Can Be Done To Stabilize:
  1. Self care: Breathe, ground, get present-oriented…come back to the moment of feeling safe
  2. Re-establish focus with Creator-of-All for clarity and safety (meditate)
  3. Let trusted connections know – get support to assist in sorting things out
  4. The beliefs behind being attack come from guilt or the need to be punished usually at an unconscious level. Identify these and find the point/s or origin (that can be a process in itself)
  5. Be able to identify and process your feelings and triggers involved…go into them in a safe and sacred space with a witness or facilitator if possible to release any reactivity and fear (this can also be a process)
  6. Ask what you are getting out of the situation and then what are you learning
  7. Release the attacker from anything you are learning
  8. Say out loud, even if it is not in front of the attacker, ‘I forgive you’ at least three times as that frequency will create Divine energetic protection and separation.
  9. Remind yourself of your purpose with the question, “What am I growing that is supporting me in being in a world where there is so much emotional regulation and healing needed? [When leaders are growing community, there is a remembering of the mission and purpose to be of service and to move humanity forward.]
  10. Look at the virtues that you are using or are needed for your actions.
What Is Needed Within To Be Able To Respond?
    1. Be gentle with yourself
    2. Have a daily practice of connecting with All-that-IS. Feel free to call forth your guides and angels through Source.
    3. Take care of your physical form. Make sure you are feeling healthy and vitalized on an ongoing basis.
    4. Be well resourced with a network of support who believe in you and your message
    5. Stand in one’s truth and grounded presence to be able to announce it with spiritual tact and in your strength without blaming-take the high road if a response is needed or necessary. There is a difference between truth sharing of one’s experience and attacking or blaming another. This eliminates the need to fight or win.
    6. Respond when there is clarity and an inspired message to support oneself and those connected in the community with care
    7. Avoid naming the others unless at some point there is legal action occurring where public record identifies those involved. Always check in with All that IS in how to proceed.
    8. Record all comments from attacker whether through voice or paper documentation like screen shots, and have your inner circle of friends or community assist you with this so others know.

Public Arena
As I decide how I want to bring myself forward in sharing my personal healing journey safely in a more public arena, I remember that everyone has their timing. Discussing the underbelly, which is where this Dragon has lived for so long, doesn’t come lightly. My focus is more about the deep healing involved rather than all the dramatic details that many who have gone public have focused on. I’ve already shared that there isn’t a darkness that I haven’t experienced or heard about.

Part of my Divine Timing is to write the books in what I started 12 years ago–a three part fictionalized autobiography. It obviously needs revisions in what I know is true now. To keep things out of harm’s way, I’ve used discretion and discernment to reveal what I have so far since I do have ascendants.

Bring leadership to the table
And as far as leadership, our non-profit, The Moving Beyond Trauma Project, is looking for volunteers in growing with our deeply caring mission. Consider supporting us in the education of trauma healing through the tenets of non-dualistic ThetaHealing Technique to stop and heal abuse. We are in the visioning stage to expand.

We want to also create free spiritually-based healing centers for those who survived childhood abuse bringing in a non dualistic and holistic approach. This will include the newest technologies that will be appearing soon. We would love a group of visionaries who want to bring their leadership to the table. Though no one is drawing salaries at this point, it’s an eventual goal.

  • Do you understand non-dualistic spirituality or have taken ThetaHealing workshops?
  • Can you proofread?
  • Can you work on websites?
  • Do you like to organize things?
  • Can you do graphics
  • Are you comfortable speaking in public or on podcasts?
  • Do you have interviewing skills?
  • Do you have a story to share of healing trauma through ThetaHealing or non-dualistic experiences?
  • Can you translate into different languages?
  • Can you post on social medias?
  • Can you network or resource with others who have similar ideas?
  • Would you like referrals to teach ThetaHealing Technique in understanding trauma education first?
  • Can you bring your visions into form?
  • What are your gifts and talents that you feel inspired to share with us?

Bring your ideas, abilities, resources, your spiritual healing and being to the table, and let’s combine visions together.  We will be sharing aspects of this invitation on a FB live, Friday, April 9th at 11 AM PT. You can go to: https://www.facebook.com/movingbeyondhealingtrauma

We can all be ‘leaders and followers of this platform of interpretations, initiating new movement and waiting for signals from the others’ to make a difference in the world.

With newness of Springtime to plant fresh seeds
Blessings and care,

Helpful Creator’s teachings/downloads
I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it’s possible, that it’s safe, that I’m worthy, deserving and good enough, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be):

  • Experience true leadership
  • Live without needing a competitive mindset to feel and be successful
  • To identify my skills, abilities and virtues
  • To lead and follow in reaching goals through All that Is
  • Honor and respect my need to breathe unrestrained
  • To live without being obedient to another
  • To transform another’s distortions and lies into truth, healing, divinity and empowerment
  • To live without being attacked
  • To live without the need to be punished
  • To live without needing guilt to learn
  • To use discretion and discernment to reveal one’s truth


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