Independence And Interdependence To Freedom


Quote for Reflection: “Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.” ~Herbert Hoover

Declaration of Independence
July is often thought of as the celebration of freedom particularly with the Declaration of Independence supposedly being signed. In truth, that was the date of final draft. It didn’t get signed until August 2nd of 1776, and it didn’t get presented to Britain until November of that year.

What was actually declared, who were the men behind it in their values and personal alignment to this declaration, and whether we are really free depending how we understand that word and in how things have been set up for the last 15,000 years, is a story of many levels. It’s not something I’m going into through this blog and not my purpose in writing it.

In a series of FB lives, our non-profits’ team has been presenting about Truth, what the levels are and how to awaken to the truth in what is going on at this time. We have been very mindful to build this theme through the awareness of Unconditional Love yet speak to what is real at this time in history. It’s no easy practice to come back to our core self, our spiritual center.

Every day, it often feels shocking, like a new limitation or false reality being projected as a Truth.  We know that there are agendas that want to be implemented, and some are, very quickly through FEAR—False Evidences Appearing Real– deceit, brutality, the elimination of rights, priming through media manipulation, and with an official narrative that is full of holes and inconsistencies as mentioned in my other two blogs.

I don’t want to sugar coat any of this, nor do I want us to feel hopeless. Honestly, I really do have a great deal of hope even though I know how deep and dark the structures go down so many rabbit holes. I feel more purposeful than ever. My inner reality is being upgraded and validated in all the information that I’ve been privy to through my years of inner journeying and research.

I have deep gratitude for ‘signing up’ to be here at this time especially with the amazing human souls that continue to cross my path. But I won’t volunteer to do it again this way. I want easier and more fun ways to evolve my virtues. And I know that my soul really had to be strong to volunteer to go through a dark tunnel in order to help shift these earthly realities.

In looking at how we experience freedom and independence, that independence may really be about interdependence, this may all be about our need for caring and safe connections. Freedom would also be true through our connection and trust with All-That-Is.

Freedom can be a term of great subjectivity–entrenched in our beliefs and feelings. How we deal with what is occurring in our environment and the world can end up with limited or expanded experiences of freedom.

Depending how we’ve applied our spirituality and worked with clearing our beliefs and patterns, this will allow us to shift our experiences even if the outer structures tell us what our ‘reality’ and thoughts need to be.

A true personal sense of sovereignty is not overridden by false narratives. This level of freedom attracts more of these experiences of being awake and aware somatically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and thus will attract a deeper experience of sovereignty to itself.

In the Womb
Spiritually, as soon as our consciousness figures out we have body clothes in the womb, freedom of movement and thought are affected. We feel our mother’s emotions, her hormones, how she interacts in her environment and the size of our ‘holding tank’.

Do you remember your pre-birth memories? I do.

My mother intentionally overdosed on medication when she was 7 months pregnant with me. I felt like my freedom to grow and live would be terminated.  I was having somatic feelings of dizziness in remembering, like I was in a washing machine spinning.  What I had lived through was an attempted abortion.

This repressed memory was validated by a medical document at a famous hospital discovered by a detective.  I was enraged thinking she hated me that much that she wanted to end both our lives.

But beliefs/perceptions and Truth are not the same.

Creator’s Truth
After releasing my feelings and beliefs, I was shown Creator’s Truth that my mother didn’t want me to be born into a world where she had been horrendously abused. My mother didn’t want me to suffer like she did. She actually loved me, something I hadn’t fully accepted prior. She thought we both would be able to gain real freedom together.

I did a great deal of crying. I experienced my body relaxing, and I felt that energy of Pure Truth in every cell of my body. That piece of Truth and understanding, in knowing her intention, shifted my perspective into deep love and forgiveness.

I also realized it wasn’t about ‘gaining’ freedom because that would have been dependent on an experience outside herself. It was her right to know freedom from within, and she never had the healing or support for that to happen until after her earthly transition.

This experience was one of the many building blocks that showed me about what my freedom was really about. It was connected to remembering my history. This gave me another link to trust my connection with Creator. If I listen within, it will lead me safely to my next step.  This is my internal key to experiencing freedom.

It also took a therapist and a detective to expand my resources and to help me realize that I had amazing assistance available in a big way. Validation really anchored reality even though I’m grateful that Creator showed me first. It was like a two tier moment…inside and out. Those two people brought the whole memory into a solid reality as I had witness.

Healing trauma is not an independent process where one figures it out without any connection to others. This keeps us in separation. That is how trauma happens most often…in isolation.

Experiencing interdependency allows for the recognition, value, and importance of an emotional bond, safety, and intimacy that is mutually shared with others. It took these connections working independently and interdependently, to support my inner Truths.

It opened me to experience a deeper freedom and connection within myself. Freedom then becomes a state of being, an ownership of this virtue, with each experience that helps to build upon itself through trust, insight, awareness, and resiliency.

Freedom can also be experienced through courageous and brave actions that are independently expressed but supported through interdependent connections.  This can be done without fighting.

Masks have never been proven to stop the spread of any disease just like social distancing.  Many are taking this information and ‘testing’ it by not wearing cloth masks.

A woman in my community went to the local Costco to shop. An employee stopped her saying she had to have a mask on. She did not argue, but told the person to please get the manager sending with him legal information on the mask exemption.  This was her declaration of freedom.

The employee returned and told her to enter. If stores have read the county health department ordinances, they state, “…that a Face Covering should also not be used by anyone who has a respiratory condition or trouble breathing….”  They are not allowed to ask what the condition is according to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

The stores that are educated, also know that they can get reported through OSHA if their employees decide they can’t breathe.  Hypercapnia, caused by increase CO2, will definitely stop people from breathing. Human beings must breathe oxygen to survive, and begin to suffer adverse health effects when the oxygen level of their breathing air drops below [19.5 percent oxygen]. And for many who have had traumatic childhood experiences, the covering of the mouth and nose triggers suffocation and feelings of looming death.

In my state, the governor proclaimed that everyone had to wear masks recently. This came as a retaliatory measure after a coalition of people, lead by a very articulate, skillful and researched woman, went before the Orange county Board of Supervisors to point out that the original governor’s orders were not legal.

Executive Branch
The governor, as part of the executive branch, cannot make laws.  He can sign or veto bills, enact laws for departments and agencies, and oversee those agencies.  It’s the legislature that makes the laws, and the courts rule on their acceptance or applications through the judicial system.

In our system of checks and balances, the governor has no authority to make any such orders. These don’t need to be complied with. Many sheriffs understand the true limitations and will not attempt to enforce an illegal executive order.

It would be up to the Department of Public Health to create an order, and they have exemptions both for the state and the counties. You can do a search for Department of Health mask requirements for your state. Here are resources to understand any unlawful conduct:

As defined by CA Health and Safety Code section 101080, the introduction of this communicable disease has since past, and there is no immediate threat. The governor cannot keep it in a state of emergency (even if he thinks he can by illegally telling the agencies to increase the cases).

Also, the California governor bought $1 billion worth of masks from a Chinese corporation in April with taxpayers’ money.  I wonder if this isn’t a ‘slight’ conflict of interest and a misappropriation of spending.

Inner Work
With inner work, changing our beliefs, applying researched information (that may be different than official narratives), courage to take action, and sharing the truth, we can independently and interdependently work to shift what is occurring.  This will enhance our inner freedom to see it occur on the outer as well. We can do this without fighting and through using our connections with our Source, Unconditional Love.

Wishing you the expansion of freedom in your daily lives,


Helpful Creator’s teachings/downloads

 I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it’s possible, that it’s safe, that I’m worthy, deserving and good enough, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be):

  • Have freedom as a state of being
  • Have freedom of movement
  • Have freedom of thought
  • Have freedom to choose your response
  • Have freedom of choice
  • Awaken to Creator’s Truth at this time
  • Discern what is real from the official narrative
  • To be purposeful and in alignment with your divine mission
  • Have inner awareness validated on the outer
  • Difference between gaining freedom and having freedom from within
  • To participate in courageous actions without fighting



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