How to attract romantic love?

Inside our hearts, many of us have a calling to connect with someone to share our life with but do not know how to fulfil this desire in the highest and best way.

There are a few things that need to be mentioned as to why you might not have attracted your romantic relationship. With my clients, I could see that while manifesting was effective for some people. it didn’t work for everyone. Common patterns began to become apparent, and I found that there were many misaligned beliefs relating to relationships and love. One of the most common beliefs was: “It is impossible for me to find love again after my traumatic experience”.


We all carry imprints of subconscious programming as well as our beliefs inside us. To be able to create your conscious wishes, you need to clear your subconscious blocks. The majority of our decisions, actions, emotions, beliefs come from our subconscious mind which can make up 88% of our brain activity. Everything which we have stored in that part of our brain we are not even aware of.

Why is it important to clear your subconscious programming?

Through our past experiences, we might have learned to associate love with sacrifice, love with suffering, or love with losing the ones we love; and with all these painful connotations attached to the word and feelings of love, it is no wonder that on a subconscious level we are sabotaging meeting our soulmate.

Here are some common beliefs about love, do you resonate with any of those:

– Love is pain/sacrifice/betrayal

– I only attract narcissistic men

– Relationships are toxic

– Marriage is a trap/prison

– I am afraid I’ll get abused again

Some of those beliefs could run in the background of our minds and encourage us to avoid love so that we can stay safe.
The good news is that our beliefs are not all true and can be changed. For example, in my case, I was in an abusive relationship with very low self-esteem and was too afraid to stand up for myself and chose to be someone else’s punchbag. After such a traumatic experience, no wonder I stayed single for many years because I did not understand that what I experienced was a distorted version of love.

Our subconscious mind processes and records these experiences and can create beliefs around it such as ‘Love is dangerous’.
What could hold us back as well is that many of us are still energetically tied to past relationships which prevent us from moving forward today. An energetic divorce is a powerful technique that breaks the energetic connection and often prevents us from moving forward. Using the technique shows the universe that we are available and open for love again.

How can I clear my subconscious programming?

ThetaHealing® is one tool to clear blocks to achieve what we really want in life. By applying a meditation technique to access our subconscious limiting beliefs, such as ‘love is pain,’ we can replace them with empowering beliefs such as ‘love is safe’. It is important for us to clear out the self-limiting beliefs and associations around love so that the next best romantic relationship can be attracted more easily. 
Yes, you can heal your love story. You are not a half soul, looking for a missing piece, You are already whole and complete. A romantic partner just adds to what you already are. You are worthy of finding peace in love again.

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