Healing the Hearts of Men

We live in a society that accepts the emotional expression of girls and women but shuns the same expression in boys and men when they try to do the same! This leads to emotionally wounded boys that grow into emotionally suppressed and undeveloped men. They end up hurting others in an attempt to deal with what they don’t understand, with few resources to turn to for help, not to mention the inner warden they have to battle inside themselves just to feel safe enough to reach out!


We need to know better, and we need to recognize the need of both men and women and do better individually and collectively!!!


As the mother of one amazing daughter and four amazing boys, I have been on both sides and witnessed the crosses of the societal/cultural emotional castration that boys go through, and how heavy that becomes as they grow into men. It hurts my heart to see them struggle to face things alone so as to always be “strong” enough for women and children to lean on!


As a mother, my heart is connected to all of my children, and I can tell you my boys’ hearts as well as my daughters’ all beat the same. They all have the same feelings and emotions. They all experience heartbreak, pain, grief, and loss as well as love, excitement, joy, and happiness.

Being a boy or girl does not differentiate this. It does not mean one feels and one does not.


May the divine feminine in all of us emerge so as to create and hold space to support, love, and encourage the emotional expression, development, and growth of the Divine Masculine. No longer will we silence the call of the heart in men, nor expect them to carry the emotional burden of being cut off from themselves and the essence of who they are anymore!


We need our men to be strong, but they need us to be soft. As we work our way into a new world of balance and harmony, may we recognize the wounded masculine, nurture, encourage, and support his emotional expression so he can reconnect to himself and evolve into the divine masculine within him! 


May my boys, as well as my daughter, always know that I love them, I see them, I feel them, and I am here for them!”

Melissa Martin

ThetaHealing® Technique Instructor

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