From Near Death To New Earth

Quote for Reflection: People living deeply have no fear of death. ~ Anaïs Nin

Near Death Experiences
Back in April of 2008, a dear friend, and I went to the New Living Expo in San Francisco to particularly listen to Dr. Raymond Moody, one of the first scientists to write about Near Death Experiences, and Mellon-Thomas Benedict, a man who experienced an NDE  in 1981. He was clinically dead from brain cancer and returned healed. Having had my own Near Death Experiences, I wanted to particularly hear about Mellon’s.

In listening to him, I learned what his personal trauma history was in what ultimately caused his death.  He went through a life review in crossing over as all adults do.

Issues that Mellon had repressed became crystal clear, and he understood why he had created his brain tumor and the beliefs involved.  There was a point where he became very emotionally vulnerable in sharing how he remembered and could feel his father beating his mother when he was in utero. He described  the colors of anger he experienced and the shaking of his mother’s body.  He stressed how sensitive and conscious fetuses are.

The beauty of it all was that Mellon had gone through forgiveness and made peace with his parents who were already dead by 2008. Part of his message was to discover and resolve our issues in real time, not the next lifetime, or we will only have to deal with the issues in the future. We are here to learn from our families, friends, ancestors, and in our world experiences.

This is a wonderful reminder for all of us in clearing our issues. And what a year of massive awakening this has been in order to do the work necessary to shift things…because they are shifting to a world many of us have been dreaming about.

Mellon further explained how beautiful humankind really is in having viewed them through All-That-Is, the absolute Pure Love. He witnessed us as points of Light through a mandala-like energy of sacred geometry.

The Future
As he described the future, it was if the energy of the talk shifted. It was like we were all experiencing the future together through Creator. My friend and I could feel the excitement.

I had seen glimpses of our future, but Mellon expanded and added some new twists. Keep in mind that when enough of us change our beliefs and thoughts, new possibilities arise into form.

Mellon shared that we are at an evolutionary point where we are transcending survival. Self initiation is occurring. This means we need to take responsibility for what we create and stop the paradigm of allowing others to manage our lives. (an inference to both familial and governmental control).  It is the time that we must come together around the world as we recognize ourselves as part of the ocean of consciousness, to see that we are all connected.

Now here we are, in 2021, in the age of Aquarius, where we will start to see this happen quickly. Yes, it will happen as we let go of the fear. (dig it out until you feel safe) Do not see the staged play as something horrific. It’s the greatest show on earth!

Mellon continued to share that our 3rd Plane awareness will become more powerful and psychic, which will be the gateway to the multi-dimensional interface with the cosmos. For many, this is already occurring.

No Fear
He suggested to, “Let go and just get into instant knowing” as the Higher Self conscious connection increases and supports us.  I’m assuming that his ‘let go’ is not to physically die and come back but through conscious inner exploration and belief work. At that deeper consciousness, he says that there will be no fear.

When he was in that death experience, he saw our future ancestors, and they were different creatures without fear. They were that new creation, a new kind of being.

Mellon also realized that when humanity recognized that within each of us ‘was/is’ the same interconnected aspect of Creator, then we would wake up to the next level of higher consciousness. We won’t be able to take fear with us. That’s why we’re having trouble with it right now… because it does NOT exist in the future. The human species is being detoxified into a new vibration where fear doesn’t exist. There is nothing like a ‘plandemic’ as an awakening to do that.

Can you imagine a world without fear-based thoughts and actions? Can you imagine a human being living fearlessly without fighting? Can you imagine a world where nothing is taken away from us? Can you imagine that everyone is very important to the world?

Next Vibratory Awareness
In the next vibratory awareness, Mellon explained that the generation who watched ‘Star Trek, the Next Generation’, opened up a new possibility for earth.  In what the mind can conceive, it can also create. The visionaries have been imagining for the group consciousness to build upon.

Mellon continued that in the near future, people won’t need to work for a living unless they want. They will be doing what they love. Wars will be illegal, and the military will become a service center.   Cars will be driven by free energy with no tires. [Note: Area 51 has had these vehicles for years and so did the Nazi’s]. All the technology is already here.

As the future progresses, the technology to teleport (travel) outside of time and space through speed tunnels will be the regularly experienced. Of course, those of us who continue to use our remote viewing skills, are already traveling outside of time and space, but we will be joining others in a collectively new way. He concluded for us to prepare in how we want to live our lives and how we want to live our next lives.

About five years later,  in 2012, I was able to have a personal phone conversation with him about his research, his travels, the healers and people he met after his death who helped him understand what he experienced during his NDE  I recorded and transcribed the session but have never spoken of it publicly until now.

Mellon transitioned permanently from his human body in March of 2017.   Many were and are unaware of this as his articles are all over the internet without mention. His girlfriend contacted me knowing Mellon and I had been in conversation. She needed support for his funeral expenses. Like so many who had great messages and understandings, financial stability seemed not available in his passing.

The reason I share his story is not just for lending more hope and possibilities as ‘The World Turns’, but of my excitement around many new innovations and quantum technologies to heal people and change the environment. I actually own one of Mellon’s many inventions–the ‘Dream Spa.’ It uses patterns of LCD light for pain, sleep and rejuvenation. It had helped me so much when going through the Kundalini emergency where I had little sleep for years.

Just to say that I love 6th Plane technologies and stories about them. The Dream Spa doesn’t touch what is about to be brought onto this world stage.  Many of the technologies about to be introduced are not from this planetary grid nor time period.  Take a breath with that one.

About 20 years ago, I was at a friend’s home in Southern California where a traveled American scientist, who lived in Ireland, had just come from Brazil where he was visiting. His friend in Brazil was a scientist also. That scientist’s future self had come while he was sleeping to leave devices to be used in healing and environmental recovery. But there was an issue.

As the American scientist shared with me, all the technologies to change the conditions on the planet are being lined up and coming together. The issue was that the scientists and inventors would be killed. He was quite aware of the influences of the cabal and corruption. He, himself, actually had an invention that would clean up the oceans.

He kept telling me that the time wasn’t right yet. I knew this meeting was important for many reasons and that I would remember this for future reference.

I feel one of those future technologies that will be available shortly are the Tachyon Energy and Plasma Energy Medbeds. There are three types:

1) Holographic Med Beds
2) Regenerative Med Beds which regenerates tissue and body parts powered by a different source.
3) Re-atomization Med Beds that in about 2-3 minutes will regenerate the whole human body, head to toe.

That is why I’ve been very excited and also feeling so much joy. Holding onto all that I do know, waiting for the safe moments to share, has not been easy.  But all these truths will be opening up soon.

Please know that all that I’ve blogged so far has been stepping stones of deeper understanding and awakening . From one of my favorite poems by Robert Frost…
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

With joyful tears for the New Earth arising.

Helpful General Creator’s teachings/downloads
I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it’s possible, to I’m safe, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be):

  • Live without repressing truth
  • To resolve issues now
  • To live without carrying  issues to the future
  • To be awakened without shock or trauma
  • The beauty of humankind
  • To take responsibility for what I create in thought and form
  • To recognize myself as part of the ocean of consciousness
  • To live without fearful thoughts and actions
  • To be accepting of new technologies of healing and environmental health
  • To feel the joy of the New Earth Rising.
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