De-Structuring In Preparation For Birthing

Quote For Reflection: “A strong intention, a relaxed body and an open mind are the main ingredients for an active birth.”~ Janet Balaskas


As a mother of four home-birthed children, now adults, it took preparation to allow for the changes of my body and mind in order to deliver those babies into the world. I adjusted to difficulty in digesting or liking some of my foods. There were hormonal adjustments with headaches and nausea. There was trouble sleeping as my belly grew with mood shifts, and anxiety of how things will go and how to be a parent very different than how I was raised. I was also working when pregnant with two of the children, so I was attempting to keep balance yet feeling tired and stretched (in more ways than one).

There were the appointments with midwives and sometimes with doctors where everyone was having a different opinion of how, when, where, and what. For me, the choices were always clear. No hospitals and no medications. I knew I could do this with support that aligned with me, my intuition and my values. This intuition also brought me dreams showing me the sex of each baby.

Then there was the birth itself. For many, there is breathing deeply and slowly at the different stages of labor with change in positions of the body. For some, there is crying and screaming as the contractions become heavier and more rapid. For others, there is quiet concentration and internal focus.

The transition intensifies the building pressure as the baby comes through the stretching canal. For some, there is the “I don’t know if I can keep doing this” as if the baby will not somehow arrive whether naturally, through forceps or C-section.

Finally, the infant has courageously made it through the birthing rite of passage into the world to exhale first, let go, and then inhale. A cry may announce the arrival from the baby as the parents and attendees shed their tears. It wasn’t easy.  It was focused labor, but new life has arrived to bring his or her energy, gifts and human form into this Plane of Existence. A miracle has indeed occurred! How is the baby received?

Trauma Healing-Birthing process

To give birth to oneself is to discover how to receive and accept the gift of you. When there is trauma, the healing is like a birthing process. The discovery starts with the awakening of events that were perhaps not remembered nor connected together as abuse or to one’s life. This starts a de-structuring process.

Internal information will eventually come to the surface to be processed. Each memory and the feelings are opportunities to awaken to the patterns and beliefs we had used to survive, and eventually to know our personal truths in what really occurred in our childhood.  Each memory is a birthing process, one that we need to be prepared for when the time aligns with our personal evolutionary path and our willingness to go inward to explore.

When not given attentive care during each awakening to one’s inner truth/birth, the body goes through signaling. There can be hormonal adjustments, headaches, nausea, mood shifts. The body builds up anxiety to get ready to release the memories which can come in different ways. There is often trouble getting to bed at a proper time, the fear of falling asleep, and then ensuing exhaustion.

There can be difficulty digesting what the truth reveals–shock, denial, dissociation, grief, and rage. The breathing, the crying, the shaking, and the screaming as the memory is releasing for full processing, can occur. The somatic and emotional aspects don’t necessarily come with the memories depending on the depth of trauma, and the presence and resiliency of the person. Giving birth to oneself and the truth of one’s life is no easy passage.


The beauty of the birthing process is that there is re-structuring that is included in the process. This includes building up the virtues, the self empowerment, resiliency, and the re-creation of who you are rather than who you were told you were to be.

You get to reclaim all the fragments of you that shattered all over the Planes. You get to fill your bodies with new growth, new choices, new decisions, new wisdom from the ‘downunder’ and recognize Creator’s love that has always been a part of you.

Like a beautiful piece of clay, you get to mold yourself that fits your core and truth. It can be built on a foundation of your new strength, stability, self awareness and self love. Like a child using Lincoln Logs to build a house, you can bring your curiosity, your skills, your wonderment, your imagination and creativity to experience your life foundation differently. You get to claim all of this!

Ascension process

These new seeds of growth is what is happening now in the ascension process. It’s been fertilized by many who are creatively and inspirationally connected, and who are discussing how to change things in this containment of the ‘lockdown womb’. How do we open our minds and self for this birth even more without fear?

The earth’s Schumann resonance is even in flux. Have you been going through shifts of emotions, somatic pains, digestion issues, dizziness, eyes blurring, ringing of ears, vibrations, sleeplessness, exhaustion or bursts of energy, mood swings, depression, rawness, feeling weak and then anchored, and/or emotionally dysregulated? Our cells and energy fields are changing.

This process is not for us to leave our bodies (unless that is a choice), but to embody and integrate new frequencies of being, ideas and concepts in order to feel more of our Divine or Higher Self in form. This accelerated growth phase is absolutely necessary.

Narrative and focus

Like in any birthing process, we are being told what we need to do in order to make things easier. But there is a different narrative and focus depending on our previous inner work, the rabbit holes we’ve traveled and with the ones we chose that aligns with our Hearts and through All that IS. A new way will happen. How we experience that will ultimately depend on how we focus and whether we release the fears that come up in this process.

There is the ‘viral’ story. The ones who position ‘above’ others along with their well-funded and unjournalistic media, are broadcasting that the authority and knowledge is outside of us. In order to make it through the ‘appearance’, we must all listen to the approved version, a controlled agenda that needs to be followed in order to birth their New World disorder. It is fear-based, lacks free will, and the power is sourced outside oneself.

There is another narrative. It’s one where the birthing process is both a mystery full of new information of revealing the real planetary truths, and discerning what is recognized through our intuition, going within, the understanding of why we are here at this time. There are many dark rabbit holes or canals to go down in discovering some very surprising covert truths and histories. Not all will appear as it is at this time. This is because it’s in the de-structuring phase.

There are many actors playing some of the most brilliant, hated, loved and/or difficult roles. There are twists and turns as humanity awakens in full force, or leaves their body to witness or participate without physical form.

This process is not unfamiliar to me at all. I’m one who has had to unravel my own deep and hidden truths to be able to assist my clients through the trauma release phases of healing.

It all makes sense as it’s the same process—birth is birth. Just like the transition phase of birthing, the de-structuring phase is messy and rough. There is the appearance of turmoil and chaos. Remember that birthing isn’t neat and tidy. With memories, fears of distrust, deception, hierarchy, comparisons, power over, lack, unworthiness and death are hitting the ‘gurney’ table.

We ask, “Can we make it through this?” just like a laboring momma.

We can…if we choice wisely.

New Earth gathering

And we certainly can chose wisely in a way we might never expect for those who want to stay for this New Earth gathering.

Many of us lightworkers, empaths, healers and intuitives have been feeling all of this as a birthing process and recognizing it as such. We have been honing our abilities and gifts in preparation because humanity has been so traumatized through the other narrative, which in reality is now in an immediate ‘wake up’ phase.

Everything is de-structuring from the medias to the banks. Be prepared to listen deeply, connect the dots, digest the truths that are rapidly being put forth, connect with others sharing new ideas and through your hearts without need for judgment. Use your connection with Creator to feel into what resonates in your core to set things into action.

With deep care and in anticipation!


Helpful general Creator’s teachings/downloads
I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it’s possible, to I’m safe, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be):

  • To awaken without shock
  • To remain trusting in the birthing process
  • To be able to de-structure with support
  • To feel receiving in birthing myself
  • To birth my truth and accept it
  • To separate who I am from who I was told to be
  • To reclaim all aspects of myself
  • To vision or build a new foundation that fits my core and heart
  • To re-structure what you want to create for myself
  • To integrate new energies in order to birth a New Earth
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