Why dig into old mental garbage to create tomorrow’s future? by Judy Dragon


Quote for Reflection:  When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.~ Louise Hayes


Coming Apart
With two Silicon Valley whistleblowers exposing FB’s notoriously corrupt and deceitful policies on squelching real information about biologic compliancy, I have found great solace knowing that mainstream and social media is coming apart. It took great courage and bravery for these men to step forward to create tomorrow’s future with the help of Project Veritas.

Mental Garbage
The men had to dig up mental information to do this. So when a placard showed up a few weeks ago on my FB feed, I mulled it over for a few minutes noticing the reaction it was having in my body. The quote read: Would you dig into yesterday’s garbage to make tonight’s meal? Why dig into old mental garbage to create tomorrow’s future?

I felt agitated, irritated and curious. It was like a dissonant energy had hit me between my heart and gut, yet I wanted to explore it further rather than staying on edge. My journey has always been about going deeper to the heart of the issue.

Interestingly, I had just been working on the Emotional and Somatic Integrative processes’ in the revised Moving Beyond Book. The section was about how people judge emotions as good and bad. How synchronistic of the Universe to hand over these FB placard questions to connect me back with my body and feelings.

I had made a correlation of ‘yesterday’s garbage’ as related to feelings and emotions. My understanding around emotions in being ‘garbage’ is like love being outdated. Neither work in my world.

My second thought was that ‘yesterday’s garbage’ is ripe for composting. When it’s composted, I will be able to dig into the plantings of my garden fertilizing all my plants. This gives assurance that there will be a ‘tonight’s meal’.

My third thought was that digging on old mental garbage is exactly what we do in ThetaHealing® Technique so we don’t bring it into tomorrow’s future to create it. Why would I want to bypass this opportunity? If I can only judge it is as garbage, I’ll never be able to identify the beliefs in the thoughts to clear it.

As I further researched where the placard questions came from originally, I discovered it was from Louise Hayes. I was stunned! I had difficulty fathoming she’d create such limited questions.

BUT it turned out that there was a third part missing that was not part of the placard. Louise wrote, “If a thought or belief does not serve you, let it go!”

Now things were starting to connect more! That last phrase with, ‘let it go,’ is easier said than done though. Unless we dig into that mental garbage identifying the origins, feelings, and experience, the process never gets past ‘go’. Letting go needs a way to happen because most people aren’t going to drop it like a hot potato.

The last thing that came from sitting with myself around those questions were that emotions are my amazing navigational system. When there is not an identity or judgment towards the emotions being either positive or negative, there is an ability to witness them in what information they might be relaying.

When we allow ourselves to identify emotions, we can separate them from who we are without becoming that identity.

Example: When some people show their tears, they immediately think, “I am weak.” It becomes an identity. Crying becomes identified with weakness, and the person becomes that weakness. What a difficult way to experience one’s feelings and deplete one’s energy.

If we take a pause, the emotions will teach us how to work with them. They will teach us how to enter our body with a wonder and curiosity to learn the language of our somatic experience.  We will gain the wisdom that our amazing bodies have to share about our inner and outer realities.

Body talks
With trauma healing, we can learn what is trapped in our cells and Autonomic nervous system. The body talks to us.

Years ago, I did a practicum with some of my students where we remote sensed into one of the participants’ body to listen to her organs sing to each other. We could hear the tones that felt harmonious and those that felt dissonant. It was so totally fun to start to understand the magnificence of somatic communication. The body is so alive with consciousness.

Under the heart and other organs is a base tone of feelings that can be released through the Heart Toning exercise. There are so many ways to actually allow these emotions to release, but the first step is to identify and acknowledge the experience.

If we don’t stop the judgment to explore emotions–allowing ourselves the grieving, the pent-up anger, the rage, the outrage–then the kindness, care, and tenderness will have more difficulty being available to experience. We will then end up taking the ‘mental garbage’ to this present moment in a backpack from the past to create the future. That is why we clear the beliefs in connection with working with our feelings and body.

Somatic exercises
With all the breakdowns occurring on the planet worldwide, as a ‘war on thought control’ continues (though not for much longer in witnessing the ‘show’), I wanted to share some somatic exercises to help the trauma people may be experiencing. This is a wonderful supplement besides digging on beliefs or meditating at the 7th Plane.

We are developing what is called a ‘window of tolerance’ in widening our capacity for more emotional awareness and regulation. When you feel stressed or triggered, or you want to touch base with yourself, these exercises will assist you.  

Exercise One: Tap slowly on your thymus gland three times and repeat twice again throughout the day. This will introduce you to your body and calm that area as it often is easily aroused. Then consider doing any exercises, activities or sports to begin to see if there is a physical outlet for your arousal mechanism.

Exercise Two: Take right hand and place it under left armpit wrapped around it with the thumb on the inside and fingers on the outside touching the scapula. Place left hand on right upper arm with thumb on inside and wrapped fingers on the outside. Allow for a settling feeling as you drop your shoulders. This allows a sense of creating a container and safety. You can juxtaposition the hands for the other side of the body as well.

Exercise Three: You can tap the skin all over in order to feel a boundary of your body. You can also squeeze your muscles.

Exercise Four: Right hand on forehead and left hand on upper chest/clavicle, both in the middle of the body. Just feel into the body in what goes on between the areas where the hands are placed. Let go of judgment and experience.

Exercise Five: Color, draw or write. Get the energy out of the head. It’s soothing. I have clients who show me their beautiful colorings.

Exercise Six: Place your hand on your chest/heart. Gently close your eyes, and exhale slowly and inhale more quickly.

Frequencies are changing
As the intensification of the world breakdowns occur, the solar flares permeate the earth’s atmosphere, the Schumann resonance spikes, the poles reversing, the eclipses’ downloads, and our journey through the Photon belt, which hasn’t happened in 12,000 years, be mindful that your frequencies are absolutely changing too. You are not who you were even 6 months ago. For some, the caterpillar in the cocoon is a gooey mess. For others, it’s a new level and deeper determination of what we are here to do.

Use your pause, ‘noticing’ and ‘allowance’ skills to build as a routine part of your self care and self love. Help to create tomorrow’s future by knowing how to identify, use, and regulate your own mental and emotional terrain.

With deep care and Happy Summer Solstice!


Helpful general Creator’s teachings/downloads you can download. Read, connect with All that IS at the 7th Plane, and say ‘yes’.

I know Creator’s perspective and definition, what it feels like, how, when, that it’s possible, that I’m worthy, deserving and good enough, that I’m safe, that I can, I do (or I am/am able):

  • Go into the heart of the situation
  • Take a pause so the emotions can teach how to work with them
  • Experience what emotions are relaying about myself
  • Experience emotions without identifying as them
  • Learn the body’s talk
  • Create a window of tolerance in any situation
  • Adapt to the changing frequencies
  • Identify, use and regulate your own mental and emotional terrain




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