Apply now for a volunteer position in our organization


People who are in support with the mission of our project and want to volunteer to personally grow and help grow the Project


Have an interest and time to volunteer


Done remotely and use of zoom or skype


  • Availability is needed on Monday, Fridays and weekends for collaboration with founding members
  • Independent work with other volunteers or with self can be scheduled by creating independent time


Fill out application below to let us know your area of interest, skills, your time zone and availability


  • We feel passionate about our cause and get our message and mission publically known.
  • We would like to grow and develop the team. As we grow, there could be the potential to
    become independent contractors with financial compensation.


  • You will be able to connect with others knowing you are making a difference in the world.
  • You will be able to bring your creativity and talent out more publically in a new and different way
  • You can advance your career and have more accomplishments added for your resumes or portfolio.
  • You will be able to enjoy collaborating with others who are committed to healing trauma for non-dualistic spirituality.
  • You will bring connection, friendships, purpose, fun, self confidence and more fulfillment to your life.

General Attributes and Skills

  • Open to non-dualistic spirituality (ThetaHealing Technique)
  • Open to learning skills of heart-based communication (Interconnective Communication)
  • Have ability to communicate your needs in an open and non projecting way
  • Honors commitments and agreed deadlines
  • Integrity
  • Have baseline skills or a willingness and aptitude to grow your skills and knowledge
  • Some training is available

Online tools currently used within our online platforms

  • Siteground (host website & mailboxes)
  • WordPress (manage website)
  • PayPal WP Plugin (payment gateway webshop)
  • WooCommerce WP Plugin (webshop)
  • ConvertKit (email marketing)
  • Hootsuite/Facebook Scheduler
  • (to create images)
  • Anchor (podcast hosting platform)
  • Youtube (video hosting)
  • Vimeo (video hosting)
  • Zoom (meetings)
  • Gmail (manage mailbox)

Here are some positions needed for the Project


Develop and maintain effective relations with donors, supporters and other relevant agencies.

Organize (online) events and campaigns to raise money, design promotional materials and increase awareness of our organization’s work, goals, and financial needs.

Help create a strong fundraising message that appeals to potential donors.

Promotion Copy

From time to time we will need copy for promotion of the podcasts, trainings or other products and services

Skills needed: Written English needs to be above proficient level

Webpage Maintenance

Help with ongoing WordPress updates and webpage changes

Skills needed: Working knowledge of WordPress and basic understanding of web development

Facebook Marketing

Raw content provided with the need to create a placard or FB post for optimal engagement, schedule posts according to decided outlined plan

Create and implement FB marketing campaign

Skills needed: FB marketing, FB account and willingness to spend time on FB; Ability to use app like or to create placards. Ability to schedule posts directly to FB or use a third party tool like Hootsuite or Smarterqueue.

Podcast/Video Support

Minor audio or video editing

Make files available on various platforms

Skills needed: audio and video editing; awareness of working of Zoom; ability to publish podcasts/video to various platforms like iTunes, Spotify and YouTube

Special interest or experience

Have an interest or experience that we haven't listed?  Reach out, our needs fluctuate and we are open to possibilities.


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