Truth and Trauma

Facebook Live, May 15th, 2020


Today, May 15th, 2020, so much is going on in the world. Many of us are still sheltered in place, and it brings up a lot of issues. It's important to keep coming back to ourself. So often our thoughts, fears, grudges and hurts get psychically attached to those who hurt us in the past as kids, and to what is hurting us in the present by the policies that are being created.

They're literally feeding all this energy into this unprocessed heavy energy, like a soup of outer fears are being created by different structures. This brings up more anger, resentments, grudges and hurt, both individually as on a global level.

Until we learn to see what's going on outside of ourselves as a reflection of something within us, we will continue to feed into what we don't want 'on the outside' and look outside of ourselves for solutions. Doing our inner work is what will set us free and give us access to our real power that is always connected to our heart.

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What others said about the video:

Maria Silva

I did watch the video from May 15th...twice. It was amazing. There's so much to absorb! It really made me think. Thank you Judy, Leila, and Debbie for your commitment to our transformation. I truly appreciate all that you do. I wish the whole world could tune in and participate.



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