Trauma Response in Communication Podcast



With so much going on around how people communicate with each other, from the throngs of cancel culture to political correctness and censorship, it’s important to notice that the majority of these reactive styles are actually trauma responses.  Many of us didn’t learn the ways to regulate our emotions when there was a difference of opinions or styles as a child.

In the podcast, we suggest taking a pause and slowing down before responding.  If someone disagrees with you on a topic you feel impassioned about, what do you really want to get through to them or have them hear in the communication? Reflect on how were you taught to discuss a situation that was not in agreement with your principles, understanding, or awareness as a child?

The podcast lists two sets of questions for self reflection;  possible motives in responding to others, especially when triggered and questions on childhood patterns in communication.

It ends with Creator’s teachings.


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