Timely Messages

Facebook Live, October 16, 2020


Debbie received an inner message that there were several messages that Judy should present. She invited Judy to ask Creator what they were.  And they came…perfect for these times.

Message 1: Work with a language of embodied presence.In the usage of words that so many use off the cuff in describing their spiritual understandings– like higher, lower, negative, positive– there is an embodied presence that helps to assess things rather than judge them.

Message 2 Be aware of how we work with our Spiritual awareness in communication. Is it authentic? Is it what everyone else says must be true? Is it grounded? Is it angry or condemning? Is it fear based? Or is it sharing truth that is called fear mongering?

Message 3: The appearance isn’t necessarily the reality of what is occurring for us. The planet has experienced a great deal of concentrated trauma in the last 10 months.  The de-structuring of massive trauma is often experienced as trauma. The appearance of something being traumatic isn’t necessarily the true reality of it, but how the body and mind hold it in perceptions and fears.

Judy ends with a Manifesting meditation.  Think of what you’d want to create for the birthing of the New World. Ask yourself how you want to envision yourself relating if you stepped into a world that you are helping to co-create different than the fears that the media, politicians, corporations and governments pushes as reality. What are your passions so you can bring them into this meditation?  What reality do you want? 

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