The Questions … Compassion for Sex Traffickers Part 1

Title: The Questions …Compassion for Sex Traffickers? Part 1

Quote for Reflection: The word courage comes from the French word ‘coeur’, which means heart. True power proceeds not from force, but from love. ~Alan Cohen

The Questions

Questions were asked to an online group of people I was participating with. The group was supposed to have a spiritual focus…at least that is why I thought I was being asked to join initially.

These were important questions, ones that all of us could spend some time contemplating. For me, any response to such deep questions would need to come from one’s truth/personal experience and heart.  All else would be opinions or unhealed/unprocessed responses which need discernment. There would need to be a pause to feel into myself, asking within if others’ responses resonated with spiritual principles and virtues that I hold sacred.

The questions were around Compassion:

  • Could we have compassion towards those who are guilty of sex trafficking?
  • Are they worthy to be given compassion?
  • Knowing about what happens in sex trafficking, what would we do with those feelings in order to demonstrate compassion to those who offended?
  • Should we not even consider compassion?
  • What is the morally ‘right’ thing?

Considering that only one person had sex trafficking as part of their childhood experience in the group, me (though no one knew this initially), I found it very interesting in the kind of responses that came from this ‘spiritually-minded’ group.


The responses were about the other participants’ need for punishment and revenge. It reminded me of the path of spiritual warrior archetype from the 5th Plane of Existence (Plane of Duality).

I had great hopes that what I was about to share with them would be able to be received. Only one or two got it though.  The other responses were typical of what I consider the ‘confusion of mainstream humanity’. 

What I read from them was an eye-for-an-eye mindset, lack of hope, lack of trust in humanity, lack of possibilities, and no vision of restorative justice. They shared:

  • “We want this to stop… bring back public hanging.”
  • “They can’t be rehabilitated.”
  • “The guilty don’t have compassion so they don’t deserve it either.”
  • “Hog tie them.”
  • “Medieval torture.”
  • “When I get them, they would plead to be hanged.”
  • “’Forgive them’ and then cause them so much pain and anguish they wish they were dead.”
  • “Put them down like a dog who bites.”
  • “Death penalty”

Honestly, I totally understood why they said all of this and where they were coming from. In the distant past, I had similar sentiments and actually experienced these deep agonizing thoughts to my core, of lashing out and revenge.

Sex Traffickers Exposed

In the group’s comments, it was shared by most that they wanted the sex traffickers exposed. I was fine with this, but there’s a lot more that this kind of response involves.  Depending on who exposes and who is involved, when the exposure happens, and where it’s done, is there personal cost to one’s life? There are other questions that needed to be asked as well.

When sex traffickers and offenders are heads of state, popular political, religious or public figures, police and governments involved, world-renown doctors and scientists in respected medical facilities, admired teachers, famous Hollywood & TV personalities, how often are those they victimized even believed?

I can easily say that it’s only recently that these exposures have happened where the media reports it, as they have often suppressed it in the past. There has been either sensationalizing and/or victim-blaming. 

What about staying alive if those who were trafficked name their abusers? For many, if they don’t gather with others who are also speaking up and hiring lawyers, it could be difficult territory. I’m sure you’ve heard that some deaths of those who had gone public were determined to have ‘committed suicide’ after with little investigation by police or lack of reporting by the major press outlets.

Survivors Speakers’ Bureau

I was on a Survivors Speakers’ Bureau in the early 90’s where I was asked to share about the abuse I had remembered at that time on a well-known national TV talk show. I had only started my deeper journey in ’87. In what I know now, I was really being brave…and completely naïve…to think I could go public in anyway then!

The producer of the show, rather than having the hostess interview me, wanted to bring one of the perpetrators, a relative, onto the show with me. The relative was very wealthy, prominent and ‘admired’ by my childhood community. 

I know! I know! It could be a toss back to some scene of being thrown into the lions’ den in Rome. I had enough sense, even being very dissociated at the time, to say NO.

I really did wonder why the producer would even ask me to volunteer for such a situation knowing I was abused. I believe that they attempted to use a person’s lack of self esteem and their deepest vulnerabilities to manipulate them. It was the same pattern of being objectified and used for others’ purpose in being trafficked.

Besides, how many of those on the show were traffickers and pedophiles as well?! The entertainment industry is riddled with them. I didn’t know this at the time I was asked to be on the show.

Unless the person has worked the inner healing process for quite awhile including building their inner strength, resiliency, trust within, accepting fully their truth, and feeling deep conviction about it, then more disempowerment, shame and humiliation can occur when it’s premature. I didn’t recognize this at the time, but my gut reaction and spiritual protection served me well.

It would never have been a benefit for me to be sensationalized or set up as a sacrificial lamb. Sharing the truth doesn’t mean to put one’s life in danger, and that would have happened.

True Power

I wonder how many of you might consider that ‘the role of a sex trafficker’ isn’t a position of true power. What if their ‘power’ is really hierarchal structures of overpower and control, not true power at all?

The traffickers’ power structure is perceived by them, by those they victimize and by many in the world as greater than everyone else and even more than All-That-IS.  It is embedded in a false premise that keeps the traffickers and everyone that buys into their hierarchal power structure, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and oftentimes physically oppressed (and obviously in danger if being victimized).

Also consider, “What is the difference between the traffickers’ power structure and those who rule the world’s countries?” I honestly don’t see much of a difference in the ways I was trafficked and what is being revealed.

I also am able to discern between rulers and leaders. It’s rare to see a world ‘leader’ who isn’t part of a hierarchal power structure and hasn’t bought into it. There are exceptions who have been part of this huge psyop that has been on the world stage for some years, yet we are in great need of true leadership on this planet.

Hierarchal power ends up in the belief systems as, “The perpetrators are greater than All-That-IS.”  Or “The perpetrators’ power is greater than my own power.” Thus True Power would then need to be defined and differentiated. 

Does the Traffickers have True Power as a virtue?

I often felt that the traffickers couldn’t find or had forgotten their own God Sparks and the true alignment of their Real Power. It seemed they wanted to own the reflection of this by using the innocence, blood and Light of children which seemed the most pure to them. The blood got them high on a physical and psychological level leaving them open for entity and demonic attachments. Adrenochrome does this.

They also thought they could possess this Pure Power and Light through negating or bypassing their virtues, thinking they needed more of the child’s Light and energy or exist with less of it twisting all structures of human morality into a dualistic rationalization while feeling separated from Unconditional Love/All-That-IS.

This is how the ‘lower/heavier’ Plane of Duality (5th Plane) vibrates. If this kind of pattern is repeated over and over, it becomes a program that is driven deep into the unconscious to project into the world. We do not want it to play out any further. This is where the rest of humanity has a part to clear their shadows and do their healing.

These traffickers who play this hierarchal game will need to deal with their polarizing, false perspectives when they die…or perhaps they will wake up before. It’s between them and All-that-IS. That’s another part of Divine Justice in my experience.

Inner World

Supported by a therapist and hypnotherapist early on in my journey, I was taught to feel and express these feelings of revenge in my inner world, in my sacred space. I pounded pillows with a bat, screamed until the sun rose, cussed profanities at the perpetrators, cried through boxes of tissue, hit a punching bag with my fists, took my hands into a lock hold as if strangling their necks, stomped my feet on the floor squashing their imagined faces, stabbed them all over like a zombie doll in the etherics, visualized them buried alive or burning to death, and sent them on buses to re-education camps. The mind can be creative!

Doing it this way for years helped me to get through the integration of my different personalities and their feelings. I also journaled all their memories and feelings. I gave full allowance for my inner world to have their day and way (within) in remembering what was done to them. Through a great deal of my early healing, having revenge on the inner helped me to stop projecting my feelings onto others when triggered.

I realized later, though, that I was feeling motivated to also use this revenge–violence on others within–to feel my own power and strength. In a sense, I wasn’t being any different than those who abused me though I was keeping it all well-contained.

Understanding violence

From a deeper perspective, violence is most likely what occurred to those who continue to abuse and traffic. They probably had the same things happening to them as children or adults whether they remembered it or not. They acted it out in real time and with real humans (and animals) through their ways of dissociating and internalizing those unprocessed emotional freezes.

They learned to objectify others. They lost the feeling of their humanity through experiencing being forced to shut down their feelings in being traumatized. They might have become possessed due to their trauma and choices. Perhaps they were put in compromising positions where they had little choice but to follow orders, demands, or die.

Some of this goes on for generations in families, cultures and religions. And the cycles continued of abuse, greed, objectifying and dehumanizing. Yet, feeding them hatred and contempt only adds to their energy. It makes them stronger! Imagine my personal energy and power leaching into them. The hatred, contempt and revenge I attach resonates with their energetics thus it feeds them, powers them to continue their misaligned and evil ways.

Part 2 of “The Questions…” will further this topic in answer the group’s questions to understanding about compassion towards those who trafficked and abused me, about my projections towards Unconditional Love, the perpetrating roles from Past lives and the overview from Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). Digesting this three part series in smaller portions felt more comprehensible. So many feelings can arise for others with loaded topics as this. Sometimes it’s important to acknowledge and work with issues more slowly.

With compassion and care in all we experience,


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