What is The Moving Beyond Trauma Project?

The Moving Beyond Trauma Project™ is a non-profit organization formed to facilitate and support the healing of those who have unresolved childhood abuse issues and those who want to help them. We do this through the awareness and principles of the ThetaHealing®Technique.

  • An awareness of childhood abuse from a non-dualistic perspective
  • The availability to shift consciousness from victim to thriver in connection with All-That-Is
  • Somatic and abuse healing education and application
  • Development of emotionally and spiritually intelligent communication skills that empower each person
  • Caring and innovative relational skill building facilitation
  • Private and group facilitation to create more safety
  • Support systems and resources to keep people connected
  • Workshops in ThetaHealing® Technique to understand and learn the guiding spiritual principles of healing and depth belief work

Our mission, as a peacekeeping, non-profit business collaboration, is to facilitate the shifting of the collective trauma paradigm to a world where humanity heals, evolves, unifies and thrives. We work with clients and Thetahealers® worldwide.

Our vision is a caring world without abuse.

How the story started

The Moving Beyond Trauma Project™ emerged through a creative process, the way a painting reveals itself as the artist puts colors on a canvas, not knowing yet trusting that something meaningful will unfold.

In 2012, Judy Dragon and Leila Kubegusa started to have conversations on the first Moving Beyond book (2009). They realized that they had similar experiences and visions of how to use the ThetaHealing® Technique for healing different forms of abuse and trauma. They felt a desire to share this information as a project with others to allow a deeper and more efficient application of the Moving Beyond book.

In 2018, Debbie Zeits joined the project team.  With this change, we decided to formalize and restructure.  The Moving Beyond Trauma Project became a non-profit in early 2019.   Our first project was The Moving Beyond Support Circles.  We also started creating podcasts and presenting Facebook Lives to help spread the mission of the project.

In order to truly be prepared to work with those abused as children or on oneself, Judy Dragon and Debbie Zeits introduced ‘The Moving Beyond Book Club series’.  The series started with adding the awareness of what we call InterConnective Communication™ which was initially developed by Leila and Judy.  During the 'Book Club' series Judy taught, with Debbie's support, some of the skills of essential communication in conjunction with the trauma/abuse information in The Moving Beyond Book. The nine-part Book Club series is still available for purchase.

In 2021, Leila Kubegusa left the project for her next step knowing the beautiful contributions that helped give birth to the project.

Where the story is going

The field of healing childhood abuse and trauma has grown exponentially since the Moving Beyond Trauma book was written. The book is in revision using much of its basic information, yet adding more up-to-date neuro-biological awareness in identifying the symptoms of abuse, integrating more mindfulness and somatic healing through a non-dualistic angle.  The rewrite is currently a major focus to complete for Judy Dragon with support of the project.  It is due out later in 2021.

Once the book is published, the project will use the revised book as the basis for practicums, mentorships, referrals for ThetaHealing® instructors who are trauma aware and educated through the ThetaHealing® Technique.

Eventually, we would like to build trauma healing centers that offer non-dualistic spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional transformation using ThetaHealing® Technique, other wholistic modalities, and quantum technologies as they are made available.

For those who resonate with our mission and where we are going, we welcome those who feel called, have the skills, and time to join our project.  We feel it is so important to assist the expansion of our mission in order to shift the world paradigm of trauma and abuse.


Experience The Moving Beyond Trauma Project™ Yourself

Our Videos

Videos to nurture your heart, mind, body & soul. Watch the replays of our Live videos to support you with grounding and healing.


The Podcast
In 2019 Judy Dragon and Leila Kubegusa recorded their first podcast. Listen to the episodes here.


The Moving Beyond Trauma Support Circles™ (For ThetaHealing Practitioners and Instructors)
We know that this healing journey needs support. So we are starting these Support Circles to launch the project now.

To have connection, understanding, and camaraderie with a common background of the Thetahealing® Technique, helps to prepare each person, create stability and integrate the changes without feeling alone.  Abuse often creates isolation, the feeling that no one will understand, and deep shame that is hidden yet acted-out because of lack of safe resources.

We wanted these intimate Support Circles to be easily accessible to a large audience of ThetaHealers®, with an easy structure that will grow internationally.  We will only be charging a nominal fee for introducing the structure through a webinar. All participants will then be invited to a free FB private group to receive help with questions and get things organized.


The Blog
Our blog is a free resource filled with gems: insights, stories and downloads that will support you in your journey. The topics we write about are: Trauma intelligence through the awareness of the ThetaHealing® Technique, non-dualistic spirituality, wholeness, communication, authenticity, forgiveness, parenting, manifesting, and more!


Workshops and Private Sessions
In addition to these Circles, you are welcome to experience the ThetaHealing® Technique in our workshops or one-on-one sessions. Official ThetaHealing® seminars are taught by Judy in Santa Rosa, CA (US) or by scheduling a workshop in your area.

For private ThetaHealing® sessions with Judy or Debbie, please click here.


The Book
Last, but-not-least, the original Moving Beyond book is still available to purchase as an  e-book (instant download) or the paperback version from the official ThetaHealing® website as a wonderful resource to understanding childhood trauma healing.


Meet the Team

               Debbie Zeits


Judy Dragon is a ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science graduate, Author,  minister.  She has been working with those traumatized for over 30 years as a clinical hypnotherapist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.

Debbie Zeits is trained as a ThetaHealing® practitioner and brings advanced project management skills to The Moving Beyond Trauma Project™.

If you are interested in working with a team member, please have a look here.