What is The Moving Beyond Trauma ‘Book Club’ about?

We are so excited to present The Moving Beyond Trauma ‘Book Club' starting Monday, August 31st at 11 AM PT with a 90 minute session every other week ending on Monday, December 21st .  Each session will focus on a different topics in “Moving Beyond: Healing the Trauma of Physical and Sexual Abuse through ThetaHealing®” book by Judy Dragon.  Judy will review the session topics including any new material, and then will move into questions and discussion.

The Moving Beyond Trauma Book Club was created to assist ThetaHealing® teachers and practitioners to help heal those with conscious and repressed physical and sexual abuse memories and trauma. It is highly recommended for all who have taken at least the Advanced ThetaHealing®Technique workshop and anyone who wants to understand the possibilities in healing from abuse through a non-dualistic spiritual perspective. Come join us through a healing journey based in Unconditional Love!