Restructure the ‘Experts’

Quote of the month: Writing anything as an expert is really poisonous to the writing process, because you lose the quality of discovery. ~Siddhartha Mukherjee


In checking out coaching programs a few years ago, what I kept hearing is a word that is being used by many programs as a way to identify their trainings and who graduate … Become an EXPERT. Find your niche.

Have you noticed the growing field of experts? It’s taken over the world as the best thing to be or become. I started to feel like there would be a University of Experts forming soon. If you didn’t notice, I don’t resonate with this word.

I was speaking with another Thetahealer®, who is a Coach (I’ll call the person Coach A). In me having written the Moving Beyond book, she perceived me as an ‘expert’ in childhood abuse healing and wanted to introduce me to another, Coach B, saying that I was an expert etc. And I was somehow expected to accept being identified this way. 


It seems that everyone on this new Coach B’s social media page who had been invited to participate, was an expert in some way. To me, there is a difference between expertise and an expert.

I’m not one who lives in boxes of other’s definitions of who I am or what I do.  Though Coach A’s intentions were of care, kindness and respect, I responded to the introductions saying that I wasn’t an expert but specialized in the field.  Coach A made mention that I was somehow not allowing myself to accept this role, that perhaps I didn’t understand what an ‘expert’ is. 

I was also told how much I had helped this Coach A with her issues through her reading my book. I was most grateful to hear this later part, because the book’s purpose was being utilized. 

She asked if I would be open to giving myself Creator’s teaching (concept that the consciousness doesn’t have) ofWhat an expert is and that my perspective and definition is the same as Creator’s. I didn’t see an issue until I asked Creator to ‘show me’ the truth about the label of ‘expert’. 

In receiving a visual download along with somatic feelings, I started laughing. I saw this energy of wisdom and divinity attempt to come into the human mind, and it got jumbled and taken into the ‘ego’ level. I’m glad I didn’t ask Creator to teach me to be an ‘expert’.

also looked up the definition of expert as well. 
Experts are called in for advice on their respective subject, but they do not always agree on the particulars of a field of study. An expert can be believed, by virtue of credential, training, education, profession, publication or experience, to have special knowledge of a subject beyond that of the average person, sufficient that others may officially (and legally) rely upon the individual’s opinion

It is socially constructed; the tools for thinking and scripts for action are jointly constructed within social groups enabling that group jointly to define what an expert is in that domain.” 

Notice individual’s opinion…this doesn’t mean the Truth of the subject. So it’s subjective and imbued with expectations of what needs to occur in order to be and stay an ‘expert’.

Accepted by others as the Truth  

This all may sound trivial, but the understandings and frequencies of words are important. One person’s expert can be another person’s disillusionment. Real Truth isn’t necessarily presented by ‘experts’, yet is often expected to be accepted by others as the Truth.  

We can look at any field of specializing and be aware of how it changes according to ‘experts’ who sway others, and who are often swayed by others. Experts who lack balance and connection within can be harmful manipulators. 

Experts have given advice only to change their minds when the winds of group conscious trends, blow through. Parents aren’t supposed to make decisions on the needs of their children, because they have to leave it to the ‘experts’ (who have been run by scrupulous corporate interests). Citizens are supposed to agree with deceptive and treacherous policies, because they are not ‘experts’ on human matter.

We only need to take a look around to see the way ‘experts’ often go for the ‘matrix power plug’ in supplying false information as their presentations, while others willingly give their power up to agree and support them. This is disempowerment to me.


Not an authority

I am not an authority on healing childhood abuse, which the word ‘expert’ connotates. Nor do I want to be because that would box me into something that isn’t true in who I am. I can claim that I have a vast amount of knowledge, experience, understanding, awareness, and relational and healing skills. I am truly proud of the work that I’ve put into growing myself over many years. It wasn’t an easy road.


I act in the role of a specialist open to understanding more that comes forth.  I don’t have all the answers for each person’s individual process and situation as that arises in a co-creative energy during sessions, or as they work on themselves. They are a participant in the process that adds to the knowledge. I witness through Creator and bring forth the wisdom that I have gleaned. It’s a synergy of energies that supports the client to heal.


Just to say that even if someone specializes, it doesn’t mean they live in my body and know it the way I do. If the specialist shares something that resonates, I’ll listen with my ears wide open yet also use discernment in connection with my body and my process which are very connected to Creator.

I also don’t allow my years of experience in the field to be disqualified, because I don’t have a MFT, PhD or MD. I have had therapists attempt to ‘one-up’ me as if I’m in some sort of competition with them. Yet I will stand in my truth in what I experience through Creator

At this time in history, it is so important that we really drop within and really question what is being told to us. We do not need to live feeling less than others with big certificates or degrees.


Premise of human services 

The energy that many coaches project in telling people to claim being ‘experts’ often feels like they are selling pyramid/network marketing under the premise of human services. For me, this kind of labeling of the person giving service, is going to limit those who might really want another approach that is more inclusive and non-hierarchal. And that is where I can find my balancing of my services with current social trends. 

I told Coach A that I had talked with Creator about looking at the structure of ‘expert’. I let her know that I hadn’t changed my mind, because there was nothing to really change. The structure of the word and the interpretations that are embedded within it are rampant with authority energy, thus hierarchal; and I am not going to label myself an ‘expert’.  I can claim that I specialize, and that works for me.


This helps me to listen to my clients more deeply knowing that they can share the wisdom of their process without needing to see me in any hierarchal structure. I grow too so that my knowledge and wisdom can be expanded, more discovery within the field is incorporated, and then presented to others in a way that becomes, hopefully, more connecting, authentic, integrated, and a heart-space way for relating and healing. 

With care and with love,


I extracted possible ‘theme’ beliefs from the story. For ThetaHealers®, you can Energy test yourself, practice clearing them through digging if applicable, and use Creator’s teachings, including the ones below, if they fit. For everyone, you can say ‘yes’ to yourself to receive each individual teaching.


*I have to be exhausted to be productive.
*I need other people’s labels of what I do in order to be seen for who I am in the world.

*I have to follow the trendy ways in order to be successful in the world.

*My understanding of myself needs to be disqualified by others in order to figure out who I am. 
*I have to allow others to be experts over what is true for me (…to feel safe in the world).

*I need to take on the label (or identity) of expert to feel confident about myself and my skills.
*I need other people’s opinions of my truth to know who I am.

Helpful Creator’s teachings/downloads

I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it’s possible, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be)

*Know the difference between expert and expertise.

*Know the difference between specializing in a field and being an expert.

* Work intelligently and efficiently.

*To understand the difference between a person’s or groups opinions and the highest Truth of the situation.

* To adjust myself to the ways of the world which work for me without losing who I am and what I need.

*The difference between the definition of a word through Creator and the interpretations that are imbedded within the word to create its public meaning.

*To be able to tell the difference between words that connotate hierarchal thinking and words that are relational and connecting.

*The difference between hierarchal network marketing under the premise of human service and true human service with financial abundance through Creator.

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