Releasing Parental Obligations Part 1

What We Learned from Choosing Our Parents 

Do you realize that each of us picked the exact time to incarnate along with the parents or guardians who would teach us the lessons we wanted to learn?  If not, keep breathing!

I realize it’s hard to comprehend (for some of us) that we would have chosen our parents or lack of parents. But if you look at what this has taught us, spiritual commitments will have an opportunity to be completed.

Our parents’ ways to teach us about life might have been a bit eschewed (ok, maybe alot). None-the-less, if we took the baton and really moved it forward, we indeed learned important lessons. We had to take new actions that were hopefully in alignment with our true nature. We gained virtues with the healing. This actually helps elevate our frequencies as part of our soul growth.

If we can recognize and release what our parents or guardians have taught us through their obligations towards us on a karmic level, we can free ourselves from the turmoil of emotions and attachments about them. That’s not such a bad deal…definitely not always so simple or easy though.

Exploring the obligations our lineages have towards us, Vianna (founder of ThetaHealing® technique) has emphasized in the past that it’s a very important time to make a commitment to ourselves to really explore all the obligations that our parents (or guardians) taught us as well as expanding this commitment to our ancestors. They have actually set-up experiences that on some deep level, have taught us both coping mechanisms and truly virtuous skills.

Both can be ‘alchemized’…turned into gems of growth. The Soul doesn’t care how it learns. It just wants to use what is available to evolve itself. I personally think it’s easier, in being in this 3rd Plane reality, to create more alive, healthy and easier pathways for building virtuous skills and relationships.

As we release our parents from their obligations to teach us these lessons (including our souls), we don’t need for them to even teach us the virtuous ones if we already know them. These are integrated skills and are easily accessible in any situation.

The ‘turn around’ if we spend at least ½ hr per week working on clearing the issues that get in our way, it would transform the issues that block us and how people treat us. If we saw our parents as actors on a stage, we could ask ourselves what role were they playing in how they affected our life, both in caring, beneficial ways and in difficult ways.

We can do a “turn around” and see what we’ve gained from these experiences, what qualities we’ve developed that actually supported us.  Then we can release our parents from teaching us whatever it was. This is all done through Creator’s teachings.

Perhaps the coping mechanism was co-dependency, and what we learned was to be true to our own needs. Releasing our parents from teaching us to be aware of our true needs, and that we can do this without them but through All-That-Is, will create an amazing transformation. This is the process of releasing resentment, anger and hatred.

We owe ourselves the opportunity to live without the charges of the past, or it’s hard to create the frequency or energy needed for being present now and in the future. It’s difficult to manifest because so much of the neuro-connections are taken up with these past hurts.

Part 2 will follow next month in a story about releasing my parents of obligations that were tied to them through a letter sent.

With care and blessings,


I extracted possible ‘theme’ beliefs from the story. Energy test yourself for them, practice clearing through digging if applicable, check if they are your ancestors’ beliefs. Feel free to use Creator’s teachings and I have included some in part 2.


My parents are obligated to teach me about life in the present.

‘Choosing’ my parents was the worst decision I ever made.

I’m angry at myself for choosing my parents.

I hate my mother.

I hate my father.

Forgiveness needs to be in person.

I feel disempowered around my parents.

I am unworthy of releasing another’s choices, actions and perceptions of my truth to be solid in myself.

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