Rebirth: We’re here, humanity!!

Facebook Live, February 1, 2021


The Facebook live topic was inspired from the message in Judy’s February Blog for the Soul which can be found on her personal page “The Flow of Healing”.  In these wild energetic times, it is a heartfelt reminder– with 7 planets aligned and a mercury retrograde– we’re going to be just fine. 

The beauty of the birthing and trauma healing process is that there is re-structuring that is included in the process. Parents have to restructure their lives to add this precious life. It’s a new reality being a parent.  In trauma healing, we have to de-structure the false realities that we repressed and survived to restructure our lives to new realities in integrating the truths. This includes building up the virtues, the self empowerment, resiliency, and the re-creation of who we are rather than who we were told we were to be.

This is what the ascension process is about… it integrates new wisdom and new ideas into form, born from evolving out of the trauma or an enslaved paradigm. It’s developing our virtues in the process to evolve our soul growth.
A meditation to anchor the upgrading energies was included. 

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