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Join us for the Live Online Webinar Monday June 3rd, 2019, 10.30am PDT/7.30pm CET and learn how to create your own Moving Beyond Support Circle
Taught by Judy Dragon (Master/CoS) and Leila Kubegusa for Certified ThetaHealers®

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The Moving Beyond Trauma Project™ is a non-profit organization formed to facilitate and support the healing of those who have unresolved childhood abuse issues and those who want to help them.

We do this through the awareness and principles of the ThetaHealing®Technique.

What is the webinar about?

We are so excited to share this revised webinar with you!
One of the well known and painful consequences of unresolved childhood trauma is isolation.
We, or part of us, will likely feel left behind and abandoned.
Yet, one of the key elements to healing is connection.
To help you feel supported, we created a template for Certified ThetaHealers®

The webinar is taught by Judy Dragon and Leila Kubegusa, and supported by Debbie Zeits.

We are so excited to share this webinar with you!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • how to create your own sustainable support circle
  • how to run it in a non-hierarchical and autonomous way
  • how to customize it according to the group’s needs
  • how to define the parameters and boundaries to feel safe

This will give your healing journey a loving and powerful boost!



  • Access to the Live Online Webinar on Monday June 3rd, 2019, 10.30am PDT/7.30pm CET
  • The replay can be watched in our Private Facebook Group after the Live Online Webinar
  • Access to a Private (Secret) Facebook Group where we will help you form your own support circle [We do not put you in groups but give you the Time Zone chart to help you find those who are more closely aligned with your zone.] The privacy of such group means that none of your friends on FB will see the group or that you are a member, except if they are a member themselves
  • The Moving Beyond Support Circles™ Guidebook which includes the following information:
    + What to start with when you enter the Facebook group
    + Formation and Basic Group Structure
    + Circle Guideline Suggestions in Sharing
    + Working with Triggers
    + Your First Circle: Step by Step
    + Second Meeting
    + Resources
    + Supportive Downloads



  1. Having taken any official ThetaHealing Seminar in the past 5 years
  2. You need to have access to Facebook and have your own Facebook account (free)


Refund policy:

Please note that all payments are final. No refunds are available. A replay of the live webinar is provided in the private Facebook group along with other supporting material.



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