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The Moving Beyond Trauma Podcast

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Trauma Response in Communication Podcast     With so much going on around how people communicate with each other, from … Read More

S01E05 – Working with Creator’s teachings/Downloads to shift trauma What are Creator’s teachings? How are they experienced? Explaining the use … Read More

S01E04 – How our needs and feelings help us to use self care   Our feelings often get connected as … Read More

S01E03 – Trust and Trustbuilding   Another story with Judy opening this time about dating, intrigue, and the lack of … Read More

S01E02 – Hope, Heartfulness, Witnessing And Relationships In episode 2, we roll with the flow of Leila’s story in her … Read More

S01E01 – What do we mean by ‘God’? In our first episode, we (Judy and Leila) bring together how that … Read More