Podcast S3 Episode 7

The Moving Beyond Trauma Project Presents: Spiritual Conversations on Trauma Healing

Season 3 Episode 7:  Cults From Culture

This Spiritual Conversations on Trauma Healing podcast is titled 'Cults From Culture'. The term ‘cult’ actually comes from Latin meaning ‘care’ or ‘adoration.’ It’s part of the word cult/ure. Thus, cult can represent the core system of beliefs and activities at the basis of a culture.

While we don't script our conversations, we typically have a general idea of major discussion points we want to include. This conversation took us to some very different angles that were unexpected, but we let it free flow. From the origin of the world 'cult' to the tenets of cults, from recruitment to totalist/destructive cults and organizations, we traversed a spectrum of what has been similarly reflected in the last few years. The spiritual awareness is brought together with Unconditional love frequency available to you. Enjoy!


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