Podcast S3 Episode 3

The Stages of Healing Childhood Abuse

The Moving Beyond Trauma Project Presents: Spiritual Conversations on Trauma Healing

Season 3 Episode 3:  The Stages of Healing Childhood Abuse
Melissa Martin joins Debbie and Judy in discussing the stages of remembering one’s memories which is a grieving and healing process. As a brief summary, we listed one model of the 7 stages of grieving. Grieving and healing is not a linear process.
  1. Shock, numbness and denial. numbness - you feel emotionally numb and may deny the loss or memory
  2. Pain, guilt, searching for answers - the pain of the loss starts to set in
  3. Depression, loneliness, despair and disorganization
  4. Anger, bargaining- may lash out at people you love or become angry with yourself or you might try to ‘strike a bargain’ with Creator or others
  5. The upward turn -adjust to your new life, and the intensity of the pain you feel from the loss starts to reduce
  6. Reconstruction and working through the process- taking action to move forward
  7. Acceptance, reorganization, help and recovery- accept the loss and feel hope


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