Part 1 – Point of Origin

Healing works through a kind of detox: things have got to come up in order to be released….We can’t just push the darkness down, pour pink paint over it and then pretend it’s not there. We have to look at it, accept that it exists, and then release it for healing.
- Marianne Williamson -


Part 1
Point of Origin

One of the things we learn in ThetaHealing® Technique is to help the client and/or our students use mindful inquiry–questions of who, what, where, when, how, why–to get down the ‘Rabbit hole’ so they can find the point of origin and the beliefs in the story. What I’ve noticed is that there can be a bit of ‘bypassing’ especially when it comes to how students are taught or how clients are worked with around the questions, ‘when did it happen and what occurred’.

There can be different perspectives on the point of origin. I have found over the years that some are surface diggers and stay within their personal comfort zone in not guiding the client or student to explore the deeper issues. Belief digging becomes a mental exercise with not being fully guided by the Creator.

I can certainly understand doing more surface digging in a Basic class since it can be such an emotionally vulnerable experience for students with what often feels like minimal safety established among attendees.  Opening up a-can-of-worms at a first session is not the wisest move either. The Instructor or practitioner would want to be able to create a safe container and build capacity through clearing self esteem, trust and boundary issues if trauma is to be explored.

But at some point, beliefs/programs might not clear completely or reappear, and clients or students will wonder why. They may ask, ‘Did I not give Creator’s teaching properly? Did I not see how it served the person and release them of the obligation? What am I missing?”

First, digging can be like the peeling of an onion…it unravels in layers. This, in itself, is increased with childhood trauma issues.

Second, what might be missing is that the dialogue of inquiry lacks the depth to get to the underlying cause. The session can turn into 5th Plane dualistic projections such as saying “It’s in a past life”, or the client is told, “You don’t have to go there.’ (memories or point of origin)

Bypassing situation

Going to past lives when the pattern is right in this lifetime, can be a bypassing situation to create distance in what may be too fearful to deal with at that session, or even future sessions. The digging might create some surface releases, which can help with co-dependency and more capacity to handle deeper issues, but it still doesn’t get to the deeper matters. Thus the client never really progresses through their presentation, or the student never learns how to understand the patterns embedded.

The patterns are found energetically ‘above, in, and under the ‘the point of origin’, the sub/unconscious memory. And this happens, particularly with childhood abuse issues, when the memories are repressed. Repressed (implicit) memories are not experienced in the cognitive frontal brain area, but the limbic system. That’s why people don’t understand that they wouldn’t ‘remember things cognitively’ if their coping skills were to repress the trauma.

Repressed/Implicit Trauma

Childhood abuse can take time to reveal. A person may come in wanting to deal with an estrangement from a family member or finding their passion, only to discover weeks later that the basis for it not resolving or changing, came from repressed/implicit trauma. This is not uncommon in how trauma patterns unfold.

Many instructors or practitioner either do not know how to recognize the patterns of abuse as they don’t have the trauma education, they don’t know how to work with it through the Inner child to create an inner dialogue, or they, themselves, have not looked at their own repressed trauma (or afraid to do so). Thus they sub/ unconsciously avoid helping the client with theirs.

Doesn’t really matter

There is a whole angle in the field of neurobiology in trauma healing that says that the events which happened doesn’t really matter, but only how the nervous system holds the experience…that the focus needs to be in the present.

I think this could be true if the incidents are conscious, like Vietnam vets who end up reliving the terror of past events over and over, or a child who was in a car accident and has panic attacks getting into a car. The past situation has been repeated already.

It makes me wonder, though, if some of this has rippled out in misinterpretation.  As mentioned earlier, it has been reported to me that students and clients have been told that the event of abuse doesn’t really matter, and that they are blocking their own healing by wanting to go there.

Everything matters and counts

Hold on here! Everything matters and counts. We hear Vianna (founder of ThetaHealing® Technique) say this to us over and over.

To express this to a person who has childhood abuse issues, is dismissive, negating, and misaligned in my experience. It’s a projection from the instructor or practitioner. It’s not how a sacred space is held. And this happens way to often…it’s not isolated.

I have actually had this happen to me on several occasions as well. In becoming upset by being treated this way during workshops, Vianna told me that I do not have to be worked on at instructor classes and can dig on myself.

I have had instructors stop talking to me in class when they found out about my history in exchanging digging sessions. I’m so grateful that I knew it wasn’t about me, but what was coming up for them, their unconscious triggers.

But can you imagine what this is like for newer instructors being trained? Belief digging puts the client in an altered state…like Theta!! Transference and projection is not always easy to speak to in the moment, to take care of oneself in such emotional vulnerability unless you are seasoned, are tight with Creator, can separate their issues from another, and/or have healed a great deal.

Hold space

In the past couple years, I have been able to ‘sense out’ who can hold space, really stay connected to Creator, and have the emotional intelligence and communication to be present at instructor courses. I have also said ‘no’ to those who I knew didn’t have the capacity or focused presence and intuition in where the digging would take us. I did this without making them ‘wrong’ or any excuses other than ‘It won’t work for me’.

In fact, if a session turns out that the person isn’t going where the digging needs to, or they start telling me what my experience is rather than asking or questioning me by checking beliefs from my story, I let them know it isn’t working. I will not complete it with them.  I’ve learned to hold my own and track my own digging at any point if need be.

And it’s really quite wonderful when I can just delve in with someone who knows the journey inward, stays connected with Creator and leads me down the ‘rabbit hole’. I feel so held, like there are cushions all around me that I can lean into.

What is really important is to be mindful that childhood abuse is a process that has so many patterns intertwined. As ThetaHealers, we often think this can be gone in a session. Miracles happen, yet these patterns can include deep co-dependency, lack of financial abundance, trauma bonding, fear of intimacy, victim consciousness, health issues, dissociation, and suicidal tendencies. You’re not going to clear all this in one session so go easy on yourself and your clients/students.

Trauma Education

Learning to recognize these patterns through trauma education (recognizing implicit/repressed memory patterns), listening to many personal stories of abuse and connecting the dots within the somatic responses, making sure there is support for the client or student, and one’s connection to All-That-Is helps so many who fear facing these difficult memories (point of origin).

I will continue next month with discussing dissociation and PTS (post traumatic stress) from childhood abuse, and tips on what can help.

With deepest care and support,

Helpful Creator’s teachings/downloads

I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it’s possible, safe to, worthy/deserving/good enough, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be):

  • ‘See’ intuitively who has childhood abuse issues.
  • Feel safe to work with childhood abuse issues.
  • Have the education to work with childhood abuse issues.
  • Create a safe container for my students and /or clients to explore childhood abuse issues.
  • Use gentleness with my students and /or clients to explore childhood abuse issues.
  • Gentleness with myself to explore childhood abuse issues.
  • Use a dialogue of depth with gentleness through All that IS.
  • I already have the patience to witness the revealing of trauma.
  • Recognize the patterns of abuse.
  • Everything counts and matters.
  • Discern who holds a deep capacity to hold space and dig.
  • How to hold my own capacity and to speak up when I feel unsafe.
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