About Leila Kubegusa

Inner Work Facilitator, Visionary, Writer, Speaker, professional ThetaHealing® Practitioner Since 2009


In a nutshell

The short version of my story, is that I spent my childhood and the first half of my adulthood mostly in survival mode. In 2008 my body collapsed from chronic stress, and my healing process facilitated the beginning of a profound spiritual awakening.

Within the next two years, I deconstructed and rebuilt just about everything in my life to align with my soul purpose. I’m here to heal and help others heal. Why? Because it feels good to feel good. I think it’s delightful to be here on earth, enjoy this physical body, and explore reality in a heartfelt connection with others. I love feeling that freedom to develop my unique potential and support those who want that too.


What I do and why

My private sessions are sacred space where confidentiality and safety are key. I specialize in trauma release, HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons) and business (Soul Purpose).

I am dedicated to keep developing my skills through the practice of the ThetaHealing® Technique, Circling, Authentic Relating, and intuitive body work.

In addition, I continue to study trauma healing, emotional intelligence, child development, and the art of holding space.

My vision is that the healing of our inner wounds and the development of our unique potential result in a serene, sustainable, personal and collective socio-economic evolution. #worldpeace

If you are interested in private ThetaHealing® sessions with me, you can book sessions directly online with me at the bottom of this page.

If you speak Dutch and are interested in creating a business out of your Soul Purpose, check out my project in Belgium called PrachtWerk.


A few random things about me:

  • I live in Antwerp, Belgium where I introduced the ThetaHealing Technique to the world of Business Coaching for entrepreneurs who want to contribute to a more loving world
  • I facilitate local contact circles with my beloved soulsister Karen Schroeven
  • When I met Judy in 2011, I learned that she had relatives in Belgium
  • When I met Debbie in 2018, I discovered that we had worked for the same multinational IT company - she, for 20+ years in the US, and I, for 12 years in Europe - without knowing each other
  • My native tongue is Dutch
  • I published my first book when I was 17 years old
  • I enjoy riding my bike in the city (it feels like flying)
  • I play the piano and the guitar
  • I love swimming in warm water
  • I used to be a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • I can juggle with 3 balls
  • I have a strong sense of poetry
  • I've been dreaming of restorative justice since I was 10


I would wear my jacket as a cape

I grew up in a deeply traumatized family in Belgium. As a child, my awareness and sensitivity were expansive, but I didn' t know how to interpret my feelings, intuition and thoughts. Looking back, I now recognize myself in a lot in the qualities associated with HSP and  Rainbow Children. My childhood felt mostly overwhelming, traumatizing and confusing, at home as well as in school. I was a mixed-race child in a mostly white community. I remember feeling shocked about how some people treated me and each other. I saw a great deal of suffering and had visions of a more loving existence for humanity.

At 5 years old I was determined to change the world. I would wear my jacket as a cape. In elementary school, I would look for injustice on the playground. Then, fight the bullies. This didn't work out well and I found myself in isolation a lot. Fighting against what I didn't want, turned out to be inefficient and exhausting.


Finding pieces of the puzzle bit by bit

So bullying the bullies didn't work to create justice, and I turned to books for answers. I was obsessed with finding out how existence and human behavior 'worked'. I studied history, sociology, anthropology, philisophy, theology, quantum physics, linguistics, logics and poetry.

Thanks to many coping mechanisms, I managed to get myself through school, university and my first job. Life, to me, had to be survived.

First I went to Law School: I was looking for ways to help create more justice in the world. I could see how our judicial structures were punitive systems that had the potential to evolve towards true restorative systems if we wanted true justice for all. After finishing my Bachelor's, I was disappointed and depressed about the cynicism and abuse of power I had seen.

Then, I studied Applied Linguistics in Antwerp where I learned all about communication. My biggest lesson and discovery were how poignantly culture impacted language, understanding and connection.

After college, I didn't know what to do next, except that I had to pay my bills. I ended up being recruted by one of the biggest IT services providers in the world. (The one Debbie was working for too at the time, only we didn't know each other yet then.)

In 2001 I stepped into the booming and exciting world of IT that was in constant change and growth. My inner child enjoyed playing with computers. It was the closest thing to "magic" I could find.


Burning out

My IT career 'took off', and I soon ended up traveling the world as an IT consultant. Working in such a large and multicultural environment, I gained a great deal of experience in creative problem solving, various forms of leadership, communication processes, project management and conflict resolution.

Because of the unresolved trauma I was carrying, I understood little about self-care or boundaries at the time. I kept going the extra mile, was great at finding missing links and anticipating issues. Managers loved this, and kept increasing my workload. At the time I believed, the harder I worked, the more I pushed myself, the more value I had.

The higher up I climbed on the corporate ladder, the more I was asked to let go of values such as honesty, integrity, trust, kindness, etc. This resulted into a series of burn-outs that left me physically and emotionally unable to continue working in IT. By then I knew that I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life. I realized that my time here was precious. I could feel my Soul Purpose calling but wasn't sure yet what it was saying exactly.


Finding the ThetaHealing Technique

When I discovered the ThetaHealing Technique® in 2009, everything finally fell into place. I remembered my own God spark. I realized there were ways to heal rather than just cope. Studying this amazing modality, felt like remembering something I had known before. It resonated with my deepest inner knowing and values.

Still, something was missing for me, as someone who was healing from serial and complex trauma. Judy's book "Moving Beyond" gave me the next steps in how to approach changing the impact of such deep trauma. It helped me to get to know myself intimately, it opened my heart and strenghtened my core in very profound ways. I co-created two small support circles where, for the first time in my life, I learned to give and receive true support that empowered me.



In 2010, I made a career switch and became one of the first professional ThetaHealers® in Belgium. When I jumped, all I had was faith, and I hoped some kind of net would appear. Against all expectations, it was my wings that started to grow. Creating my own business accelerated my personal development like nothing else.

Today I mainly work with highly sensitive and gifted entrepreneurs who want to build a business out of their Soul Purpose. Trauma release work is often part of that. I support those who know that creating a more loving world begins inside ourself. I help them with their sacred inner journeys. Of course, my own (inner) journey remains ongoing. I believe it's the do'ers who are dreamers who will change the world.


The Moving Beyond Trauma Project

After knowing Judy for a few years, and as our precious friendship grew, I realized that I wanted to create something together. I longed to put something into form in answer to "What does humanity look like in daily life when there is wholeness consciousness? What does it mean to be human on this planet and have an awareness of non-duality?"

In 2018, Debbie Zeits joined us and took on the role of Project Manager (and much more) to help facilitate the work we wanted to put out.  I'm very excited to share the fruits of our collaboration with you: The Moving Beyond Trauma Project.

The Moving Beyond Trauma Project provides hands on tools to grow our inner leadership, move beyond unresolved (generational) trauma, develop the virtues needed for that, and learn the manifesting and peacekeeping skills to apply in the world. Together we are creating a consciousness and world of abundance, healing and peace. This vision is what drives me and fills me with joy every day.

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