Is Ignorance Bliss If We Were Made For These Times

Quote for reflection: ‘If ignorance is bliss, is pain, then enlightenment?’~Judy

Is Ignorance Bliss If We Are Made For These Times


Many years ago in my meditations, I was told by my guides that I was being prepared from some big changes. I was already going through so much at the time–raising children, moving through remembering and healing childhood trauma and helping others heal.

I think I was naive on one level of what those changes would actually be. I guess it could be called ‘ignorance’. Yet on another level, I knew that the planet was going to present some huge challenges that would be life shifting.

Whatever the changes were, I knew that they couldn’t be as difficult as what I lived through. All my years of dedication to discovering my truth, gaining knowledge about all that occurred within and outside was not going to go to waste. I had a Divine Timing, something I was to give humanity, which hadn’t been fulfilled yet. I knew I needed to stick around to complete this.

I kept hearing within that I was being prepared. I was being ‘made’ for these times.


With all that is appearing on the world stage, there is a great deal that I was aware of for years but didn’t know the full pattern or details. Some has been surprising because we have all been handfed deep levels of deception that has been so well hidden and thus accepted as truths. These had not shown up in my inner world to be aware of thus I again was ignorant of these earthly truths.

People often say that “Ignorance is bliss.” I decided to feel into this old metaphor. I questioned, “But how can ignorance be bliss? What does this really mean? How are the two connected? Are there dots to be connected?”

What came forth was like a channeled experience that I recorded on my phone, felt into later as I also did some research to confirm what I ‘heard’.

         “Until you are fully enlightened, totally awakened with All that IS (7th Plane consciousness/Unconditional Love), ignorance exists as part of your experience. It is like the veil that keeps you from seeing the Light of who you really are, an illusionary separation of the truth of you.”         

Notice that Creator’s definition had no judgment involved. It was spoken to me with gentleness and love yet the words were not words…a recognition through my language. 

Ignorance is connected to the word, ‘ignore’ – not paying attention to something. [To Ignore our Brilliance = (Ignor-) + (-ance) = Ignorance]

We can ignore connection from another for different reasons: to avoid an argument, shut down conversations, to keep the peace, to stop any engagement of ‘drama’ or provocation, to protect oneself (from overwhelm, or too deep or intense for the inner capacity available), to warn of a need for separation or a boundary, and that the situation isn’t deemed necessary or important to participate further…like being dismissed.

On an earthly level, communication is the key to grasp the meaning, intention, and usage of the word ‘ignorance’. Ignorance can arise from anyone who lacks connective communication skills in processing information. 

If a person comments, “You are ignorant,” it’s often expressed and received as an accusation and an identity piece—‘You are’ this characteristic. There is a feeling of offensiveness/defensiveness in a communication style that can be received as judgmental. Ignorance is then held in comparison and in a hierarchal way attempting to make another wrong, like the other is uneducated or less intelligent. There is no clarity of what they might be ignorant of, and it creates disconnection. 

Ignorance can suggest that someone could be uninformed, unaware or misinformed. Perhaps it would be more connecting to ask the other if they are aware of whatever the topic is at hand rather than assuming they are not.

If they’re not unaware of what another knows or understands, they may not be seeing things from the same angle. Sometimes our perspective lies in Truth and other times it’s just another angle of perception on this planetary realm.

You are ignorant in understanding about this topic,” is a subjective statement, an opinion, an assessment, or judgment, and could possibly be provoking depending on how it’s communicated (i.e. like the tone of the voice and the conversation).  We can be open to exploring this more deeply before calling out another as ignorant.

On this Plane of Existence, ignorance can also keep the earthly ‘Truth’ feeling separated or distanced. This could be an absence or denial of what is, of what has occurred or been presented.  

At another level, ignorance can be in close connection to naivety. Each person, depending on their age and stage of growth, handles the energy of ignorance uniquely. A child who is ignorant of boundaries, isn’t responsible for being different or correcting the situation until the skills are learned. An adult who acts ignorantly of his/her boundaries and crosses the boundaries of another intentionally to do harm, is responsible for being accountable and correcting the situation.   

When one communicates in an uninformed way of what is going on, there could be a lack of presence. The tone and the way it is expressed to and received by another, is what continues or stops the ignorance.

An adult who choses to use ignorance as a protection from truth, can create distance from what is possible to understand at that moment. This particularly shows up when other factors are present like fear, guilt or shame.

Ignorance can eventually lead to an opening or breakthrough if a challenge is ‘applied’ (like an ‘accident’, divorce, lost job, painful injury) or a spiritual revelation occurs. Virtues such as curiosity, can often awaken ignorance into understanding and knowledge if openness and capacity to grow is available.

The somatic experience of ignorance seemed to vary for me depending on what angle or definition I connected to that word and the situations I thought of. The experience felt vacant yet heavy and stagnant, confusing and bewildered, and unknowing to spaciousness slowly appearing. Consider feeling into the different angles for yourself.


I then asked, “So what is Bliss?”
I sat waiting for the words to roll out as I felt deeply into my body allowing it to be my guide in connection with Creator.

          “Bliss is an ecstatic peacefulness, a deep awakening that is smooth and expansive, spacious and receivable, breathtaking and uncontainable, an intermingling of the Divine expression flowing, overflowing, surrounding, palpable to the senses and swirling with and beyond joy. There is difficulty expressing formed words that would give weight to the weightlessness, that deeply expresses ‘knowing’ to the ignorance, to being here and there altogether…a vast mysterious state that recognizes the openness of Itself…and meets all the needs of those who enter it in that moment.”

Breath. Hmmm…I loved that the description actually allowed a visceral experience and a very relaxed me ready for sleep. I don’t get to feel that too often. I can’t imagine living in a state of bliss on earth. 

And bliss on a more grounded level can also be experienced through our senses, like in tastes, smells, touch, visions, and sounds in creating sheer, inexplicable joy.

Is ignorance really bliss? So is ignorance really bliss? Or is ignorance avoiding bliss? Or is ignorance ignoring bliss?

I think that in an existential experience of bliss, all exists without separation, unknowing nor ignoring…it’s pure presence encompassing itself. I also think that on this Plane of Existence, the energy and acts of ignorance are not bliss. (please feel free to comment if you have had a different experience)

The results of ignorance can lead us to further distancing or disconnection depending how it’s communicated, projected, and received, what stage of spiritual & psychological growth we are at, and the ways it’s used. It can lead to pushing out fear as truth, deception and deceit, disrespectful and confrontational conversations, lack of emotional regulation, denial of what is really going on, intolerance, hatred, loss of sovereignty of our human body, loss of our earthly right of free will and agency, extreme limitation of choices, loss of our freedom to express who we are, and ultimately, war and death.

Every time we change within, take time to work on ourselves or with others, awaken to areas within and in our life which operate through ignorance, we are opening to a vaster Intelligence to move us forward. This change opens up more opportunities to experience bliss on earth through our connection with the Divine Intelligence of ALL and our focused thoughts into action.

Enlarge our Capacities

It’s within each of us to enlarge our capacities, move with life’s challenges to build our virtues, to be willing to see the real truth behind the way that the hierarchal powers implant and disseminate false information, to discern the ignorance and propaganda through All-that-IS. So much will continue to reveal.

We were made for these times, or we wouldn’t be here. It’s no accident, and it’s not random. We were made for these times so that the ignorance of the past opens us to new horizons to participate in the changes as a growing experience of consciousness…and perhaps a state of bliss.

Blessings in this immense shift!


Helpful Creator’s teachings/downloads
I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it’s possible, that it’s safe, that I’m worthy, deserving and good enough, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be):

  • To live without calling another ignorant [i.e. name calling as a state of ‘being’]
  • To shift from ignorance to awareness in the highest and best way
  • To enlarge emotional capacity by building virtues
  • To be open to experiencing more blissful experiences

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