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    This month’s Blog for the Soul is “Recognizing Contrast in Healing Abuse.” It’s a deep topic with a response that I’ve been asked by many clients about their journey. I take this understanding into a story from one of my many past lives/simultaneous experiences to relate to the initial question and to what is going on at this time in history.

    Excerpt: ” When people make decisions to harm others with intentional malice, there are karmic repercussions. It’s not about God needing to punish the person, which again would be a 5th Plane belief. Their soul is being given choices in what it will take to develop virtues and evolve to act more wisely and discerning. That is the use of the 6th Plane Law of Free Agency.

    If a person chooses not to take the most aligned, loving, or caring choice in how to relate to others, including the same towards themselves, they are still responsible for those decisions with the action that follows.


    This Unconditional Love gives us free will to make our choices in each moment.”
    Judy ❤


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