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    “In cases of early traumatization, one may lose the ability to say “no” and experience difficulty defining personal boundary space. According to traditional Chinese medicine, all living bodies generate an external field of energy called wei chi, which translates as “protective energy] . . . and there is a leaking out of vital nature, a breaching; the person who has lost the ability to protect him/herself when ‘no’ can’t be spoken.
    In addition to losing touch with instinct and the ability to say no, the traumatized person loses his/her sense of gut knowing – that settled feeling in the belly of personal safety – that everything will be okay and becomes chronically disoriented and confused while being caught between feelings of hyper- and hypo-arousal.
    Perhaps most importantly, a traumatized individual has lost his/her felt sense. The felt sense is the medium through which we experience the totality of sensation creating an integration of what has happened. It’s how we know that we are alive, a whole perception of where we are in our life at this moment. It’s a super-consciousness that’s non-cognitive. 
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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