About Debbie Zeits

Entrepreneur, PMI Certified Program/Project Manager, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, Essential Oil and CBD/Hemp Distributor, Writer, Minister, Life Long Learner


I AM who I am meant to be

I am an intuitive empath who has lead a spiritual life with a strong connection to God/Creator of All, and my angels and Saints. This is even without knowing what that fully meant until the last decade. My "awakening" has progressed over the last 10 years as I have listened to my divine guidance, often when it made no sense at the time. I learn, grow, question and release beliefs that no longer serve me while making the necessary changes in my life to move me forward.


When it was FUN

I have moved from a successful 30 year career in Corporate America to being an Entrepreneur focusing on building businesses with an end goal to help and heal humanity, including and especially myself.  Most of my corporate work years were incredibly rewarding where I had a chance to grow in various leadership and management roles, understand team building and team dynamics, organizational cultures, and how to deliver quality products and services.  At the time, there was so much to learn and do, and incredible growth opportunities that made it fun and exciting.  I am so incredibly grateful for the skills, knowledge, friendships, and opportunities that occurred.


When it stopped being fun

After a few corporate acquisitions, spin offs, and mergers in the last 10 years, the culture became very different.  Instead of feeling energized, I felt increasingly stressed and drained, more than I can ever remember feeling.  I felt stuck.  Work became something I had to do instead of fun that I got to do.  God/Creator of All and I had many a heart-to-hearts, and my "awakening" brought me to learn about energy, non-duality, manifestation, co-creating, ascension, essential oils, hemp-- so many other things to fill my desire to learn and grow by night and weekend while fulfilling my corporate duties by day.


My most important role

In the years just preceding all the corporate career changes, I became a single mom by choice of 3 children, a boy now 13, and boy/girl twins now 10.  It has been the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done with long, long days and short years as the kids grow faster than I could ever have imagined.  My love for my kids and my desire to be the best parent that I can be, has helped me to be the best version of myself. Being a mom has 'triggered' me to question my beliefs around love, family, and religion. And it has caused me to uncover some deep, dark repressed "secrets" and childhood trauma. This lead me to Judy Dragon, the ThetaHealing® Technique, and The Moving Beyond Trauma Project™ that Judy and Leila have created.


The Quest Continues

What started as a quest for ongoing learning and knowledge to fill a gap in my career, merged with a journey of personal healing unlike any I could have imagined.  As I continue to heal and reflect on what I truly want for my life, my kids' lives, and our futures, I have fully made the transition from corporate employee that kept me fragmented and out of alignment during the work days, to an entrepreneur who is aligned with my higher purpose and personal goals.


A few random things about me:

  • I have no idea what time I was born. My birth certificate doesn't say and my parents don't remember.
  • I love most animals, but have a special affinity for dogs and dolphins.
  • The beach is my happy place. I love being in nature, visiting state and national parks, camping with my kids, and hiking with my dogs.
  • I've lived in the United States my entire life. I've lived in 4 states and all have been "outside" states that border another country, a large body of water, or both...California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Texas.
  • Before I had kids, I was an avid reader. I had a very eclectic collection. Not only did it include novels of all genres, it had books such as candle-making, quilting, gardening, and palm reading, all of which I took up as hobbies, at least for a little while. I got rid of most of it when the twins were born as we needed the space.
  • When I first met Leila, we discovered that we had worked, at the same time for many years, for the same multinational IT company, she in Europe, I in the US, without knowing each other.
  • I met Judy through a person I met online in discussion group for a Duality energy class. We both signed up to take her Basic ThetaHealing® class. The other person cancelled and didn't go. I did and stuck with it as it resonated.


Connect with Me



To inquire on whether my leadership is a match to help create/grow your business, if you are interested in essential oils or hemp, or for ThetaHealing® Technique, Reiki, or energy clearing sessions.