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Trauma intelligence through the awareness of the ThetaHealing® Technique. 
Non-dualistic Spirituality. Wholeness. Communication. Authenticity. Forgiveness. Parenting.
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The Questions …Compassion for Sex Traffickers? Part 3

Title: The Questions …Compassion for Sex Traffickers? Part 3 Quote for Reflection: Feeling compassion or forgiveness doesn’t mean the traffickers … Read More

The Questions …Compassion for Sex Traffickers? Part 2

Title: The Questions …Compassion for Sex Traffickers? Part 2 Quote for Reflection: When Shakespeare’s character, Jaques, in the play ‘As … Read More

The Questions … Compassion for Sex Traffickers Part 1

Title: The Questions …Compassion for Sex Traffickers? Part 1 Quote for Reflection: The word courage comes from the French word … Read More

Is Ignorance Bliss If We Were Made For These Times

Quote for reflection: ‘If ignorance is bliss, is pain, then enlightenment?’~Judy Is Ignorance Bliss If We Are Made For These … Read More

De-Structuring In Preparation For Birthing

Quote For Reflection: “A strong intention, a relaxed body and an open mind are the main ingredients for an active birth.”~ … Read More

Are You Still Whole?

Quote for Reflection: “In every atom, there is a reflection of the whole.” ~Jay Woodman ‘Me’ who lived with the ‘we’ Once … Read More

Finding Calm In The Fiery Change

Quote for Reflection: “When everything around you is crazy, it is ingenious to stay calm.”~Mehmet Murat ildan Difficult Energy We are … Read More

Releasing Parental Obligations Part 2

Release from my Parents Back in 2011, I wrote out over 20 things that my parents taught me both in … Read More

Releasing Parental Obligations Part 1

What We Learned from Choosing Our Parents  Do you realize that each of us picked the exact time to incarnate … Read More

Trauma Healing Skills Part 2

Trauma Healing Skills Part 2 Battles Do you know that saying, “Pick your battles”? What if the conversation wasn’t about … Read More

Trauma Healing Skills Part 1

Reactive or Trigger? One of the skill sets that are so important in the healing of abuse is the way … Read More

Transition Into Unconditional Love

Quote of the month: “… Self-love sets the standard in how we allow others to treat us and how we … Read More

Disallowing Projected Identities

        Quote for the month: “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, … Read More

Independence And Interdependence To Freedom

  Quote for Reflection: “Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.” ~Herbert … Read More

Lessons From Reflections

Quote for Reflection: Without reflection, we go blindly on our way.~Margaret Wheatley Many reflections As 2022 is half way over … Read More

Car-Ma & Your Beliefs

        Quote for the Month: Your car was created through thought and eventually became a manifested thought form. … Read More

Our Words Carry Vibrations

          Quote for the Month: “The words we choose to use when we communicate with each … Read More

An Orientation Of Normalcy?

Quote for reflection: “It seems that nonsense is the only sensible recourse to remedy the nonsense of society’s accepted normalcy.” ~ Natasha … Read More

Action Without the Warrior/Fight Mode

Quote for Reflection: Your non-compliance doesn’t have to look like an argument or fight.~ Jessica Alix Besser Spiritual war Yes, I … Read More

Restructure the ‘Experts’

Quote of the month: Writing anything as an expert is really poisonous to the writing process, because you lose the quality … Read More

How to attract romantic love?

Inside our hearts, many of us have a calling to connect with someone to share our life with but do … Read More

Healing the Hearts of Men

We live in a society that accepts the emotional expression of girls and women but shuns the same expression in … Read More

From Near Death To New Earth

Quote for Reflection: People living deeply have no fear of death. ~ Anaïs Nin Near Death Experiences Back in April of 2008, … Read More

The Matrix Reflection

Quote for Reflection “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”~ Morpheus, … Read More

Trust The Synchronicities

Quote for reflection: “Synchronicity holds the promise that if we will change within, the patterns in our outer life will … Read More

Recognizing Contrast In Healing Abuse

Profound question What is often asked of me by many clients who have abuse issues, particularly if they are extreme, … Read More

Outer Limits In The Body by Judy Dragon

Aliens Aliens, and I don’t mean foreign nationals, are the hot topic in more recent months. It’s like the big … Read More

Underneath the Surface by Judy Dragon

Going on Underneath I think that most of us know that what appears on the surface isn’t what is really … Read More

Why dig into old mental garbage to create tomorrow’s future? by Judy Dragon

Coming Apart With two Silicon Valley whistleblowers exposing FB’s notoriously corrupt and deceitful policies on squelching real information about biologic … Read More

Trauma Responses in Communication by Judy Dragon

I’m offering everyone who reads this an opportunity to really engage within, connect your minds and hearts together to help … Read More

Leadership In Truth-Defying Times

What is true leadership? Our world has had an eschewed version of what leadership has been for a long time. … Read More

Ho’oponopono Month Challenge

Energy Healing Energy healing is going to be the new wave in the coming months and future like never before. … Read More

‘Interconnective Communication’®- Consciously Respond without Reactivity

  Quote for reflection: “Once a person can identify that in responding they actually have a choice in the matter, … Read More

Releasing Anger As A Stage of Healing

  Quote for reflection: Anger is a necessary stage in the healing process….The more you truly feel it, the more … Read More

The Maze Out Of The Drama Triangle

  Internal Roles In this post, I wrote about internal roles and codependency. Once the roles and behavior are identified, … Read More

Is A Little Bit Of Co-Dependency Necessary To Care?

  Mainstream behaviors In working with childhood trauma, I think it’s important to understand some basic mainstream behaviors that generally … Read More

Part 2 – Childhood Trauma and ThetaHealing® Awareness

Part 2 Dissociative coping mechanisms In continuing with May’s theme about ThetaHealing® digging issues which involve repressed/implicit memories and trauma … Read More

Part 1 – Point of Origin

  Part 1 Point of Origin One of the things we learn in ThetaHealing® Technique is to help the client and/or our … Read More

Being ‘nice’

  Nice is a description of a situation, person or object that is a catch-all-word. Nice is defined as being … Read More

Parenting without punishing

If you weren’t aware, my mission in being here is to shift the cycles of disrespect, abuse and violence towards … Read More

There is no enemy

A Vietnam veteran shared with me that Jane Fonda was unforgiveable for being in North Vietnam in 1972. The former … Read More

Spiritually Bypassing ‘Real’

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking about ways of integrating aspects of my life and a goal of … Read More