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Trauma intelligence through the awareness of the ThetaHealing® Technique. 
Non-dualistic Spirituality. Wholeness. Communication. Authenticity. Forgiveness. Parenting.
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The Maze Out of the Drama Triangle

  Quote for reflection: Working with the skills to move out of reactivity, out of the Drama Triangle, is supporting … Read More

Releasing Anger As A Stage of Healing

  Quote for reflection: Anger is a necessary stage in the healing process….The more you truly feel it, the more … Read More

The Maze Out Of The Drama Triangle

  Internal Roles In this post, I wrote about internal roles and codependency. Once the roles and behavior are identified, … Read More

Is A Little Bit Of Co-Dependency Necessary To Care?

  Mainstream behaviors In working with childhood trauma, I think it’s important to understand some basic mainstream behaviors that generally … Read More

Part 2 – Childhood Trauma and ThetaHealing® Awareness

Part 2 Dissociative coping mechanisms In continuing with May’s theme about ThetaHealing® digging issues which involve repressed/implicit memories and trauma … Read More

Part 1 – Point of Origin

  Part 1 Point of Origin One of the things we learn in ThetaHealing® Technique is to help the client and/or our … Read More

Being ‘nice’

  Nice is a description of a situation, person or object that is a catch-all-word. Nice is defined as being … Read More

The Moving Beyond Support Circles™

  Our gift to you What happens when kids who survive emotional, physical or sexual trauma don’t get healing after … Read More

Parenting without punishing

If you weren’t aware, my mission in being here is to shift the cycles of disrespect, abuse and violence towards … Read More

There is no enemy

A Vietnam veteran shared with me that Jane Fonda was unforgiveable for being in North Vietnam in 1972. The former … Read More

Spiritually Bypassing ‘Real’

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking about ways of integrating aspects of my life and a goal of … Read More