An Orientation Of Normalcy?


Quote for reflection: “It seems that nonsense is the only sensible recourse to remedy the nonsense of society’s accepted normalcy.” ~ Natasha Tsakos

The big trend word these days is ‘orientation’ and the media push is acceptance of these orientations as the ‘new normal’.  So what is normal anyways?

Looking at the definition, it’s anything that is accepted within a large enough status quo that is made to appear usual, common, standard, average, natural, regular, or ordinary.

I grapple with this word, because ‘normal’ is about a standard set outside myself which I may or may not agree with. Besides, what would feel normal to me, would be very different for others who are not living in my body nor having had my experiences. When a child is trafficked, ‘normal’ is nothing anyone would want to experience.

Normal is often correlated in beliefs about how to behave. And some behaviors are acceptable in societies that do harm. This goes back historically to include such ‘normals’ as the routine use of children as ‘poison containers’ or as a ‘toilet’ to prevent adults from feeling overwhelmed by their anxieties during ancient Greek times.

I was once at an estate in Maui where all the children ran around without clothes and pooped wherever they wanted to without being told that it was unsanitary, and smelly to others. The kids just couldn’t bring it in the house on their shoes, so the shoes were left outside if they were worn at all.

What do you think these kids learned? It sure wasn’t about cleanliness. But it was acceptable to the parents. This told me about their boundaries being eschewed.

Is this normal? In their world, it was. Would you want this as normal in your space?

When a ‘new normal’ comes out socially with the allowance of unaccountable, deceptive, and harmful behavior towards children while promoting it as ‘cool’ and ‘acceptable’, I feel there is an issue that needs a conversation.

We’re being told that this is what is going to be allowed, and we better come to accept it. For me, it’s the same as masks and social isolation–both harmful and deceptive cult and slavery practices when mandated, and both crossing my boundaries in attempting to deny me my human rights of sovereignty of my body, health, and environment.

For clarity, children cannot give consent to sexual relationships with adults no matter what the new ‘experts’ are saying. Children’s boundaries are not developed unless the caregiver or parents have clear and healthy boundaries and take the time to model and teach this to their children during their developmental years.

Children have no idea of the ramifications of sexual relationships and are easily confused and manipulated by ‘trusted’ people who appear ‘nice’ to them and often give them ‘special’ treats, favors and focused attention. This is the start of the grooming process.

Children are also sensual and social beings. They want connection with their primary caregivers and others. They explore their bodies. They want acceptance to explore themselves. They don’t want to be shamed, and they don’t want to be taken advantage of by being manipulated, deceived and abused.

Parents who have clear and healthy boundaries, also have the ability to make caring suggestions in accepting and supporting their children’s bodily explorations in safety.  If this involves their child’s genital areas, it can be advised to explore in their bedrooms in order to give them personal privacy. It’s just like not pooping all over the place. There is a space set aside, boundaries that are taught without shaming.

Pedophilia as a sexual orientation
The ‘new normal’ that is being rolled out is called ‘pedophilia as a sexual orientation’. When I read from academia the following, I felt a somatic knee-jerk response.

On the “prevalence of pedophilia” that the “majority of men are probably pedophiles and hebephiles” and that pedophilic interest is normal and natural in human males.”~Philip Tromovitch, a Doshisha University professor


Pedophiles are…Grappling with what is equivalent to a sexual orientation just like another individual maybe grappling with heterosexuality or even homosexuality, and if we agree on the fact that true pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children, which is the same as having a sexual orientation.” ~ Hubert  Van Gijseghem, (retired) University of Montreal professor

REALLY?! Not in my book!

Ok, I have some strong feelings about these statements. Sometimes my tolerance levels are tested especially during a Mars retrograde in Aries and an ensuing Mercury Retrograde coming up in two weeks.

Twisting in the logic
Notice the twisting in the logic, the ‘normal’, ‘the natural’. “If we agree on the fact that true pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children [which they do, so I agree], it’s then the same as having a sexual orientation?” Why is that? Why is the ability to hurt children being correlated with heterosexuals or ‘even’ homosexuals who grapple with their sexual orientation?

Pleeeaaase! These kinds of narratives feel like I jumped off a chair and ended up in the middle of a Florida swamp….illogical, murky, slimy and dangerous. This professor’s logic is a far jump from a reality of safety for children, but it’s being supported as acceptable by those whose agenda it serves. And the LGBTQ community completely rejects this association in being lumped together with pedophiles as an orientation.

So how did it come to pass that ‘the majority’ of men’s proclivity is to be interested in having sex with children? Examples have been given of the ancient Greek elites keeping boys…the societal sanctioned abuse of little children and calling it ‘normal’.  Notice these were elites. Honestly, this is information that pedophile ‘experts’ are using to prove their points!

Why does the abuse of children from thousands of years ago need to be experienced as socially acceptable now? As far as I’m concerned, pederasty is not acceptable or healthy relational behavior in any shape, size or form. It is a trauma response that comes from symptoms of sexual abuse, and oftentimes this has been suppressed or repressed.

With this kind of defining of pedophiles’ sexual orientation as normal, we would be agreeing that sexual abuse is about sex, but that’s not what I have found to be true at all. It’s about hierarchal structures of domination power over others who are unable to defend themselves. It’s about seeing the child as an object of lesser value and meaning, and what can be taken from the child to regain a loss of power and love that wasn’t received.

The sex becomes an act of intrusive, permeating, threatening and/or violent domination over the ‘object’ and the suppression of the ‘object’s free will’. It happens in a dissociative state that lacks the understanding of care, empathy, true power and developed relational skills.

So with this information, let’s take a deeper dive into this trend of acceptance of pedophilia.

‘Ethical Pedophiles’
There are pedophiles who never act-out their sexual obsessions and instead identify as ‘self-confessed non-offending pedophiles’, Non-Offending Minor-Attracted Persons (NOMAPs)’, ‘ethical pedophiles’, or ‘gold star pedophiles.’  They have an attraction to prepubescent children but control their urges and refrain from watching child pornography or seeking sexual contact with minors.

Men, like Todd Nickerson, who identify in this way, want to support other pedophiles to seek help for their sexual obsessions. He believes that it is not ethical to act on the urges and never has, but he claims pedophilia is better understood as a sexual orientation. He is the moderator of the online forum ‘VirPed’ – short for ‘virtuous pedophiles’

There is also “The Prevention Project,” which gives a strong voice to NOMAPS by broadcasting, “Everyone deserves support.” That’s great, but do they take it to the next step to get professional help?

If a person has bulimia, a food disorder, they will end up harming themselves. If a person is experiencing feelings of pedophilia, their feelings put into action are going to harm a child.

I do have empathy for non-offending pedophiles who restrain their urges. It’s a brave stance to even share their feelings, but if they are not getting professional help for the root cause, what stresser would cause them to act out with a child? The process of desensitization starts by attempting to normalize the individuals who have not yet committed the crimes.

In that understanding, it certainly doesn’t make way for correlating pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Again, it’s a trauma response that comes from symptoms of sexual abuse just like origins of many food disorders.

Normalize pedophilia
Then there’s NAMBLA-North American Men and Boys Love Association. They have been attempting to normalize pedophilia for years. In my research, I found that their membership has ‘acting-out’ predatory pedophiles.  They want to roll back the age of consent so that pedophilia has more opportunity to be masked as ‘normal’.

There are different categories of predatory pedophiles based on the age of the child. These include infantophiles (those are attracted only to infants), hebephiles (attracted to pubescent 11 to 14-year-old children), and ephebophiles (attracted to post-pubescent children). Lowering the age of consent would put all ages of children in danger due to the nature of the hidden aspects of the root cause, the grooming process, and the trading of information with other pedophiles, yet the predator would be normalized.

If we give pedophilia an orientation, the next step is giving them legal rights. And legal rights need to be protected. Do you see where this is going? Job applications at schools? Day care centers run by legalized pedophiles? So if a pedophile went for a job interview stating his orientation, he would be protected under discrimination laws and would need to be considered for hire.

Just to say that two close relatives were abused as children in a daycare center run by two Satanic pedophile sisters who later moved to another daycare where 40 children were abused. This became a famous ritual abuse case in Northern California in the 80’s. The pedophiles escaped arrest to do more harm to other children in another state.

Legal system
On January 1, 2021, California legal SB 384 (Bill 145) changes the current lifelong registry system mandated for all sex offenders to a tier-based system where certain offenders who file a petition and meet specific criteria can be eligible to be removed from the list. In other words, if an individual is convicted of a sex crime with a minor no younger than 14, he or she is able to petition to be removed from the sex offender registry after 10 years if a judge agrees to that petition.

How corrupt is our political and legal system to allow this? No brainer. Do judges get bought off?? No brainer.

In the UK, the Judicial Proceedings Reports Act was changed in February ‘20 prohibiting Victorian victims of sexual attacks or abuse from identifying themselves publicly in sharing their stories if their attacker has been found guilty. They could be jailed for up to four months or face fines exceeding $3000 for telling their stories using their real names.

All of a sudden, the legal system is given the power to determine who the victimized person can publically call out in being abused or raped. The ‘secret’, the need to hide one’s identity, is being normalized and stuffed back in the closet with the threat of punishment if spoken. Sounds like what happens in the dynamics of incestuous families.

Public schools
In public schools, children can obtain ‘5 Tips for Your Sexual Health’ from unions posing as teachers. They are deceptively named ‘Healthy Teen Network’ which is a coalition of over 180 sexual and reproductive health justice organizations.

Through Ella Dorval Hall, a 2018 college graduate with a degree in environmental studies, ‘tips’ are shared to encourage children to engage in sexting, pornography, self-dating and communications with online social media and sex ‘experts’ who instruct them in using sex toys, ‘dirty talk’ and sexual consent.

So while parents are attempting to protect their children from online predators, the public schools hire people like Hall who assure children that sexting makes women four times more likely to feel “empowered” and “confident,” and then provides links including 54 sexting ideas that are so X-Rated that the author couldn’t print them in her article. This is educational and societal sexual grooming normalized.

In higher education, the teens are also being taught that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. There are many self professed pedophiles who feel it’s their duty to come out as being accepted in who they are, but it’s really their misaligned, inverted and perverted behavior that they seek approval and acceptance.

Pedophile symbols
Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, is scrubbing pages that want to stop pedophilia and child trafficking. Certain hashtags are being politicized to delete accounts that want to protect children because of media censorship. Instead, these medias are allowing cryptic pages with pedophile symbols and overpriced storage cabinets to call in those ready to buy, sell, trade, and abuse children along with the help of search engines including Google (use duckduckgo instead).

Hollywood, Disney, Netflex and the music industry are full of pedophiles who have been operating for years in hypersexualizing, abusing and trafficking children. The symbols are embedded right in the movie images, seen on the props used, on the buildings filmed, on the clothes worn and positions the children are told to hold.

The industry makes billions off of their normalization of pedophilia through manipulating parents and their child actors in how to move up the grooming ladder. The price is often dissociation, addictions, and/or death by suicide or being ‘suicided’.

There is also a trend to normalize pedophilia behavior as a sexual orientation by saying that it’s genetic. I definitely believe in genetic trauma and have seen it come through people from their ancestors affecting their health and beliefs. Historical trauma experienced by past generations can influence the structure of our genes through epigenetic changes which are more likely to “switch on” due to adverse responses to stress and trauma.

However, the research and studies are NOT meant to be used as a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card to normalize pedophilia as a sexual orientation. It does NOT cause people to become pedophiles and act this out on others. This has been twisted by an agenda to negate accountability, as an excuse to muddle the effects of sexual abuse, and to make it benign, harmless, and acceptable.

Environmentally developed
Pedophiles are ‘environmentally developed’ (my creative expression), meaning that they were abused at some point during their womb through childhood journey whether emotionally, physically, sexually or all of them. This leads to the continuation of a predatory behavior, dissociation, and the acting out of their unprocessed and unhealed abuse. Many have dissociative disorders that go unrecognized in how they cope in life, but the devastating results are seen every single day in the world.

When we accept authoritarian ‘experts’ inversions of pedophilia as the new ‘normal’, we are accepting the initiations of what is done in cults. This includes allowing in the fear-based energy of ‘dark’ spells that overtake the psyche. I lived this kind of inverted and abusive life as a child, and I will never accept this as my ‘normal’. I will not go with the flow when there is a dam that has been broken. I will not agree to say that this is society’s ‘new normal’. I hold this is true on many levels about what is created to be normalized.

Voice to say NO
I have the power and a voice to say NO. I invite you to join me to say NO also as our true power aligned and interconnected can collectively change the trending perversions and inversions of what is being normalized.

If we as a society are so disturbed by the actions of Epstein, Maxwell and an untold number of others, I support you in making a difference. This can happen by learning about the signs of pedophilia and abuse, sharing them with others, working with your own beliefs and patterns, sharing this blog, and by standing in your truths at this very pivotal time in history.

The Moving Beyond Trauma Project is a growing non profit organization formed to facilitate and support the healing of those who have unresolved childhood abuse issues and those who want to help them. We do this through the awareness and principles of the non-dualistic spiritual principles of the ThetaHealing®Technique.

We have free resources– podcasts, FB lives, blogs—and are delivering initiatives to further Trauma Education and healing like, The Moving Beyond ‘Book Club’ which is interactive and recorded.  This is available to join for all ThetaHealers.

Financial donations are gratefully welcomed to support our mission and are considered tax deductible contributions if in the US.

With deep care in protection of children,


Helpful Creator’s teachings/downloads
I know what it feels like to, how to, when to, that it’s possible, that I can, I do (or I am/am able to be): To create my own normalcy

  • To discern through my body and Creator in knowing my own normal
  • To live without accepting the unacceptable
  • To live without consenting to the unacceptable
  • To model appropriate boundaries for children
  • To recognize what the grooming process of children involves
  • To live without normalizing pedophiles as a sexual orientation
  • To be proactive in stopping pedophilia
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