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Facebook Live, April 19th, 2020

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This time, we are talking about Truth. There is Truth with a capital T, and truth with a little t. Many of us who lived through childhood trauma got our truth denied, distorted, ridiculed... It may take a lot to reclaim our truth later in life. Why is this so important to do? What does that look like? How do we discern our truth from that of others? And, what if a collective narrative unrightfully presents a story as the absolute truth?

In this video:
- World Meditation to send unconditional love to yourself, the world, visualize and emotionalize what you want to create in the world
- Why is the collective narrative not absolute truth?
- Niels Bohr's experiment: light can be both particle and wave
- Experience relative truth for yourself by looking at this picture
- Judy's childhood story
- Extracting beliefs that were held as absolute truth
- Downloads
- More resources for support

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