The Matrix Reflection

Quote for Reflection “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”~ Morpheus, ‘The Matrix’

Internal process
There is so much to say that I’ve rewritten this Blog multiple times while feeling into what is the most important to express. Some of this thought rearrangement is because I was in an internal process of clarity in how to communicate it all. When I feel excited and divine inspiration is coming through, I have to take pauses in order to regroup and organize the input.

The Matrix
I decided to watch the Matrix again. It’s been over 20 years. In all the healing and changes I’ve been through, I wanted to see what felt relevant and rang true.

It was perfect! It felt like I was watching parallel realities flashing…like pieces of life’s puzzle pulling together in fast action….like my mind. It’s pure metaphysical entertainment with big truths scattered throughout–the battles that most don’t see behind the scenes, the hidden truths of the AI (artificial intelligence) running things, the awakening of one’s true self and power and trusting the process.

Movies are actually made to show what is really happening, though people call it science fiction. Those who understand the deeper information, know the truth.

It’s great to know the ending too. I can sit back and process it differently rather than being emerged in it. The ending is a reflection of what I truly feel is unraveling on the world stage. It supports me to just continue to simply enjoy the show when I choose to.

World has been staged
The way the world has been staged presently–in the most clever, astonishing, ingeniously creative, synchronistic and spectacular ways– is also entertainment of the Matrix. I can see the stages–the windows looking out to parking lots, the spliced filming, missing scenes, the full facial masks, the doubles. Thriller is definitely onstage.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this. The stages are directly parallel to what occurred for me growing up. This was my life. I witnessed and experienced these levels of covert deception and tactical ‘ops’ on almost a daily to weekly basis. So it’s not difficult for me to witness it play out.

The Shift
What is known in my core and spiritual connection is that the shift is not only here, but the illusionary staging will go into mass consciousness very shortly if it hasn’t already started as this blog is published.

We have been lied to for eons. Our history was written by those who wanted to keep us ignorant and controlled slaves through hierarchal structures of dominance.

This means that I’m not alone in what I lived through in the raw Truth of it. This massive awakening, particularly the diabolical smoke screens in the hiding of abuse and trafficking in tunnels, is being exposed. I’m being collectively joined by millions and millions in recognizing the depth of these covert manipulations and how this reality is being fully exposed on this Third Plane of Existence now. The matrix is falling apart.

The Effects
I wonder, though, the effects it will have on so many because the information is starting to be ‘dumped’ as of January. Shock trauma isn’t easy.

It’s showing up in the erratic ways already: The stock market manipulations, of countries massively protesting, world leaders stepping down, politicians and diplomats dying all of a sudden in one week, fear scares on mandatory vaccines that haven’t been tested and do harm, and the corporate President’s behavior. All of this has occurred along with congress illegally impeaching a past president when the military has already taken over. Even the mainstream can’t hide it with all its censoring.

This is so difficult for many and has been for a year through these manipulations. I have deep compassion in understanding suffering. And I also feel immense joy!

For those who are either biting at the bit, or saying ‘prove it’, please consider getting off the mainstream and join others who are living the shift with the resources truly available. Many are the people and the generals involved. Consider alternative social media platforms like Telegram if apple hasn’t deplatformed it yet.

What might seem like a long time waiting for something solid to appear repeatedly in mainstream, is but a moment in creation. It’s a great time to be present to ourselves, self care, and prepare for our next step into our true waking dreams.

Third Plane
The Third Plane of Existence is brought into form through our individual and collective consciousness—our thoughts, emotions, programs, and beliefs. This is also true for animals and mammals as they are sentient beings.

How to break free from this illusion depends on the ability to balance and control our emotions and focus our thoughts. It also involves how well we are able to control our egotism which is the ‘dark side’ of living with an ego, our personality or what we hold as our identity, something we are connected to in this plane.

This balance, self control and focus brings us true freedom and sovereignty so we can easily and freely move through all the other Planes of Existence. We are then able to create health and manifest changes in this reality easily through All that IS. It’s through joy, love, acceptance of who we are and living in this moment.

Clue Dose
Due to the shifts in the planet’s energy and the continuing cosmic downloads, I feel more compelled to bring myself forward about my personal journey. The illusionary ‘results’ of a master staging on January 20th was so deceptive, that it spurred me to share even more.

To do this in a safer way, I give ‘a clue dose’. It’s like a little ‘homeopathic’ dose not to overwhelm anyone, as a little goes a long way.

Saying too much also lacks discernment. It will tip off those who abused me as if I’m announcing that I’m ready to lay on their railroad tracks to get rolled over again.

Logical and Deep Questions
About six months ago, I asked myself some very logical and deep questions while sitting in meditation with Creator. It was sparked by the continued ‘viral fear spread’. My questions were based on a thought that the playout would go south in the world and where would that leave me. I pondered:

  • Why would I live the first 23 years of my life being trafficked (in the many forms it’s done), experimented on, living in terror, witnessing horror, split apart and abused in very unbelievable ways?
  • Why would I spend thousands and thousands of dollars in going through intense therapy for the other half of my life, sometimes even teaching my therapists how to work with me in attempting to remember and make sense of what happened?
  • Why did I delve into alternative somatic, emotional and spiritual healing work to figure out who I was if in the end I would never see the results of my dedication, commitment, resourcefulness, and courage in assisting myself and humanity?
  • Why would I write books on the subject working until 3 AM with little sleep?
  • Why have I been writing on a revision for at least six years in bringing the new material into the book?
  • Why would I set myself up spiritually to end up back in a similar life screen of hardship, struggle or being killed?
  • Don’t I co-create my reality?
  • Don’t I believe and live spiritual principles?
  • Why would I want to go back living in victimhood?
  • Didn’t the traffickers create illusions of reality so that no one would believe me?
  • Didn’t they blame me for what they staged?
  • Didn’t my family do the same thing in the patterns of scapegoating and gaslighting?
  • Didn’t the traffickers create the many NDEs that occurred?
  • In remembering the NDEs, wasn’t I told by the beings of light and Yeshua why I was here, and why I had to go back to those moments in physical life?
  • Didn’t I experience amazing spiritual unseen support in very synchronistic ways?
  • Didn’t I have amazing friends who hugged me as they witnessed the pain I went through in remembering?

In just being with these questions, it became crystal clear that life would NOT make any logical sense to my very Capricornian mind to think or believe:

  • That I was going to end up in the same scenarios as I started my life
  • That I would end up in some internment camp held down to be injected, chipped and programmed similar to what occurred in my childhood
  • That I would need to discount or negate the gifts I gained because they would be taken away from me again
  • That I wouldn’t bring my Divine Timing, my purpose that I wanted to do with Creator, to humanity
  • That my spiritual guidance had abandoned me to a dystopian future
  • That who I am, is not, because the outer world is still defining me
  • That working with so many virtues to be here now, would somehow be lost or tossed to another lifetime
  • That my relationship with Creator is a total sham
  • That I wouldn’t be able to continue my journey in the joy I feel now

That is total and utter fear analysis, an amygdala hijack!  It’s not anywhere on my radar for it to playout now. I don’t believe any of this true for my future. It’s the kind of fear being broadcasted for billions in different ways.

I’m inviting others to look at their lives in connection with Creator-of-All to question and release your personal fears too. We have purpose! We count and matter! We need to see this in ourselves. No one can rescue us from this.

Ask yourselves, what are you getting out of this broadcasted fear? What service is it doing for you in a very beneficial way? Are you learning discernment? Are you learning about your personal power? Are you learning how to connect with others? When you get this clear, you can release it.

We will complete our purposes and have fun doing it. That isn’t an order. It’s a joy! That is the Aquarian age energy!

Those questions are why I ‘get’ what is occurring now. It’s all interconnected into the unfolding of remembering my journey.

I didn’t know every detail of it in a month. I learned early on that the unfolding of too much information would flatten me, sometimes for days–Hippocampus overload and Autonomic Nervous System dysregulation.

That is why I did years of energy/body work as well. I feel a reverent need to acknowledge and respect that I have this amazing and miraculous physical form and consciousness to be present for and to take care of as well.

Galactic Federation
In the summer of ’98, being in my first class with Vianna Stibal (founder of ThetaHealing Technique), she gathered a few of us together after the two days were done to privately share about some covert planetary and off grid occurrences  She said that there was a Galactic Federation, similar to Star Trek’s peacekeeping force. They are here to help us evolve and be part of the interconnection with other star systems. Some walk among us. Some you may know but not recognize as such.

I felt the truth of this immediately. I suspected I was a Starseed and jumper (multi-dimensional experiences all at one time) from some strange memories that were filtering through then.

Vianna also mentioned that there was a spiritual/alien battle playing out on this 3rd Plane. That made sense. I just didn’t recognize how this was going to occur in details, and how it was connected to this 3rd Plane reality. I didn’t ‘hear’ it broadcasted by the world stage media then. At the time, I didn’t understand that I was actually part of that information.

Everyone of us have actually been affected by this ‘off grid battle’ as well. Some of our technologies come from it.  This alien information is coming out more publically though many of us have known about it. (I’m not talking about the border walks.) It is why Vianna taught us how to remove non-medical implants. In a more expansive way, it’s really about stepping into our next evolutionary relationships.

I’m grateful again for not pushing for all the details at the time and allowing the process of remembering to be paced.

 5th Plane story of Odin and Vianna
In the Advanced ThetaHealing book (pages 147-150), Vianna experienced an amazing crystal layout journey with the support of her friend, Chrissy. This technique utilizes special crystals positioned to create a safe and sacred remote viewing grid.

The person is guided from the 7th Plane of Existence (Creator of All/Unconditional Love) and to other experiences either on or off grid. It’s not Shamanic but can be felt similarly. I have personally experienced a few…very powerful!

This is a heartwarming story about Vianna and Odin’s  spiritual court appearance on the 5th Plane of Existence—the Plane of duality, the astral plane where the ascended Masters, gods, goddesses, angels, guides, and soul counsels intermingle. Thus the god, Odin, exists on this 5th Plane.

In a brief overview, there came a pivotal point where 5th Plane master beings were to decide whether humanity would be able to continue to exist or not on this 3rd Plane based on their merits and behavior. This court was comprised of those who are the caretakers for this planet.

There was a judge who would rule after the case was ‘argued’. Those attending had differences of opinions on evolving or destroying humanity as a civilization.

With Odin representing half the court, they felt that much of humanity, many whom were incarnated children of the 5th Plane, had gotten too far into destructive, greedy, irresponsible, and uncaring behavior. They forgot who they were and didn’t learn what they came to earth for.

Odin wanted a decision to destroy humanity, rebuild it at another moment in time, and bring those souls back to their spiritual home for remembering and deeper education. The other more evolved souls could be reassigned throughout the stars.

When it was Vianna’s turn, she represented the mother Goddess side. In great compassion, she held her hands up as a great luminescent light came from them. She spoke, “What about this?”

The recognition of the virtues of innocence and purity still existed in humanity as this amazing light could be seen and heard streaming from her hands….a baby’s presence…with joy and laughter. Vianna felt that humanity needed to be defended with every prayer.

It was at this part of reading the story that I was in tears. “The babies!! Do it for the babies, the new births, the new lives!” I felt like I was both feeling the experience in witnessing this beautiful act at that moment, and it also being a story.

The judge decided to allow humanity to continue. We’re here, humanity!!

Earthly Screenplay
And so it is for the earthly screenplay. We’re here now!

There are many things happening at once. There are battles on earth (cyber and energy ones) and in the sky. And there is Love on earth and in the sky. Love is always present wherever we are.

Living on this 3rd Plane, time and space exist here. Thus it takes time for different levels of truth to be revealed otherwise it’s too much to integrate as mentioned before.

We’ve arrived at the end of the beginning now—the finality of 15,000 years of massive destruction, distortions and corruptions, and of false histories by those who oppressed and their hierarchal power structures. These structures have been supported by the schemes of planetary actors who we are all interconnected with us now. The world is a stage…remember?!

Amazing actors
And I’m watching what I lived through being played out by the amazing aligned actors too. I mentioned this in my January Blog for the Soul. It’s all very multidimensional and exciting for me.

All of us have played roles in different multidimensional or simultaneous ‘past’ historical moments. Do you think all our roles were wonderful and brilliant in other moments? Let’s not delude ourselves that we were somehow purely virtuous in needing to remember who we are.

This is truly an epic movie we are here to enjoy!  What I appreciate is that I’m not attached to the players and the scenes. These people were chosen for their roles with the virtues they had and what they wanted to develop on a soul level and on the world stage. Who am I to judge that or them?! The academy awards will never have a category for these performances.

Public awareness
Information that I learned over 20 years ago has now risen for public awareness and understanding. This is part of the trigger for the Great Awakening.

It is not a secret that the media has been corporate-owned with vested interests to their pocketbooks. Yet people believe them as God’s Truth without using discernment or connecting the dots.

These interests have funded what I lived through. This is big clue of what prevails when the dots are connected. This is part of the truth on this 3rd plane that Odin spoke to at the 5thPlane court…the abuse of power.

I have witnessed some historical events that I knew weren’t what the media was reporting. I have energetic antennas for this kind of deception. I can feel it in every cell of my body. Synchronistic events often occur to validate this intuition as well.

Consider that with the technology today, there is video simulation and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to create some of these grand illusions. Special interest groups and governments who create this want to feed the masses a bunch of loosh (fear) Again, it’s the corruption through money and power over others.

 Contracts and ownership
What is very important to realize is that both the US and in many other countries, there has been a system where everything is based on contracts and ownership. This is because we have been corporately-owned since 1870 in the US. The corporate government has its own constitution.  Yes, this is a fact. Our republic and its constitution were hijacked and submerged at that time.

There are certain documents signed that gave possession of the United States of America to foreign corporate entities whose main center was Washington, DC. Only 5% of law schools teach this. I have been in contact with a constitutional lawyer and with others who understand this. I will leave some sources so you can do the research and have fun connecting the dots.

Reality show
Does it make sense now that this is a Planetary reality show with multiple wrap-around screens occurring simultaneously?  For me I’m able to ‘view’ the world’s circumstances from different perspectives, again without being attached, but in awe, wonder and excitement of what is being presented.

Witnessing all this, feels like a well rounded experience. Working at that third person perspective, which isn’t new to me but applied differently, has been expanding. I like it! It’s a very holistic viewpoint!

 True Power
Viewing the real earthly truth allows us to own our true power aligned with All that IS. What I intuitively feel is that much of humanity will start to understand what the Awakening and sovereignty is.  Self empowerment is essential. And some will choice to move on to other realms of existence to learn without their earthly body clothes connected. It’s about choices.

To experience the richness of being here now, “You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.” (Morpheus, The Matrix). We must let go of the old illusions that hierarchal structures and power outside ourselves are the highest and best way to experience freedom from fearful thoughts and regulation of our emotions.

It’s time to step up to the planetary truths so those old structures can disintegrate without pain and suffering.

“Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth… There is no spoon… Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends. It is only yourself.” (Matrix).

Bend with curiosity and joy. The stage and players are shifting now!

With deepest care in earth’s reality show!


Helpful general Creator’s teachings/downloads you can download. Read, connect with All-That-IS at the 7th Plane, and say ‘yes’.
I know Creator’s perspective and definition, what it feels like, how, when, that it’s possible, I’m safe, that I can, I do (or I am/am able):

  • To take pauses in order to regroup and organize input
  • To recognize, look and see under the matrix
  • To live without shock trauma
  • To be able to balance and control my emotions and focus my thoughts
  • To be able to control my egotism
  • To experience my dedication, commitment, resourcefulness and courage in assisting myself and humanity
  • To live without hardship and struggle
  • To have available my amazing spiritual support at every level of my life
  • To live without the fear of being injected, chipped or programmed by others
  • That my spiritual guidance and Creator are right there with me
  • To acknowledge, respect and take care of my physical form and its consciousness.
  • To know that divine justice is always there
  • To have an expanded holistic viewpoint of this planet’s history and reality
  • To feel empowered in understanding the true history of the planet
  • For old structures to disintegrate without pain and suffering.
  • To experience the richness of being here now
  • To experience freedom of fearful thoughts forms
  • To bend and be flexible with curiosity and joy
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